Wyburn and Wayne


Wyburn and Wayne

Nathan Wyburn and Wayne Courtney are two of the city`s premiere socialites, giving you their take on what’s hot in and around Cardiff!

Wayne: What a brilliant start to 2017! We held a huge party in The Flora pub in Cathays with friends, but before all that we were lucky enough to get in to Charlotte Church’s Pop Dungeon at The Tramshed. We hope it becomes an annual event because she tore the roof off – Cardiff should be very proud of our home girl, she is an epic talent.

Wyburn: I 100% agree – she is incredible. We also got to go to the opening of the new Coyote Ugly bar on St Mary Street. I lasted quite a while on the Bucking Bronco, you didn’t though did you Wayne?

Wayne: Haha very funny, yes I slid off disgracefully in front of a packed bar, with my shirt around my neck and revealed more flesh that night than all of the dancers put together.

Wyburn and Wayne 2
Wyburn: So hilarious, I’m sure there’s video footage somewhere if anyone would like to look for it! Great venue though and definitely worth the visit. Other great venues we visited last month were The Hashery, they looked after us great at their new menu launch! And I have to mention the latest addition to Wellfield Rd, Sushi Life! I love seafood and I love it there!!

Wayne: I’m not huge on Sushi but I found something to eat! The rice and noodle dishes were delicious! And we taught you how to use chop sticks for the first time!

Wyburn: Yes! However, not successful enough to try the rice with it, who has that much time to eat rice with chopsticks? I’d have been there for hours. We are super honoured to also announce that we are now officially Patrons for the charity Autism Puzzles and will be working as much as we can with them in the coming months!

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Wayne: They do so much wonderful work, and it’s our pleasure! Wales Millennium Centre invited us down to watch the incredible musical based on the story of The Kinks, Sunny Afternoon! Such a witty & humourous show, with great sing along songs with some emotional moments too. A great celebration of an iconic British rock band.

Wyburn: I didn’t know much about them so it was great to learn their story! And wonderful of lead role actor Ryan O’Donnell, who played Ray Davies, to meet us for a selfie! What a great guy! On the topic of meeting people, we travelled up to Waterstones in Birmingham to meet one of my favouritepeople, Tom Daley! I got to present him with his portrait made from fresh salad and tomato purée! He loved it and filed it for his blog!

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Wayne: He did! And he signed my copy of his new fitness and recipe book saying “lose the fat Wayne”, haha the cheeky boy!

Wyburn: You did push for him to write it though and he was very reluctant, but we all know what you’re like.

Wayne: You always have to spoil my fun Nath, not cool! Oh and fun we had.. on my birthday week last month! We did 3 days in Brighton & Worthing with our friend Ted, I love visiting down there, and then for the weekend in Cardiff a huge gang of us enjoyed an amazing meal at Viva Brazil! I love it there!

Wyburn: It’s certainly one of my favourites! Meat, meat & more meat! The staff are always great there too, it makes a huge difference. Happy 42nd Wayne, bet you never thought you’d see it!

Wayne: Honestly I’m shocked with every year! Loads coming up next month, I can’t wait!

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Cardiffian of the Month ABROAD

Name: Gianluca Malacrino
Occupation: Actor, Based in Los Angeles.
Recently worked with Director Francis Ford Coppola as well as staring on Grey’s Anatomy & Criminal Minds.

Fave place to eat in Cardiff: My Nanna’s homemade Lasagne in Grangetown…. and obviously Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant in town. (you could have probably guessed that… ha!)

What you miss most about Cardiff? Family & Friends of course, but also the friendliness and smiles of the ‘Cardiffians’ .

Cardiff in 3 words: Proud, Inspiring & Warm.

Favourite Cardiffian: Gareth Bale! Focused hard worker, skilled athlete and has helped put Cardiff on the map in a positive way.

What makes you most proud of being from Cardiff? I’m proud of how beautiful the city is kept, how friendly the people are and how welcoming the community is no matter who you are and what you do.