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A leading youth charity is urging disadvantaged groups of young people who live in Cardiff to take up the offer of a free holiday. Only weeks remain for people to submit applications for YHA (England and Wales)’s Challenging Lives and Challenging Places Breaks Programmes. Applications will close on 1 November 2018. Young people aged 8 – 18 who live in areas of deprivation or are living with a disability, medical or mental health condition, or those who are recently bereaved,…

  Spinal Cord Injury Sufferer Swims Length of the English Channel for Charity Sara Woodland is a 45 year old Research Analyst and mum from just outside of Cardiff. 12 years ago, when her son was only 3 years old, she was diagnosed with a tumour within her spinal cord and was told that she would have to have it removed before it paralysed or even killed her. With no previous history of illness, this was a huge shock to…