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Our reporter Abby Wilson headed to Oasis, Cardiff to watch and review their production of The Island. Last Friday evening I was lucky enough to get myself a ticket (only £5) to see The Island, a play written by Athol Fugard, Joh Kani, and Winston Ntshona. Upon hearing the play’s title, I hadn’t actually heard of it, and didn’t realise it was quite a famous and successful production. As such, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, and when I…

TV star Ross Kemp has backed a major fundraising drive to help Britain’s wounded veterans who are at risk, some battling the evils of unemployment, isolation and struggling with their mental health. Two of Britain’s leading military charities – Help for Heroes and Walking With The Wounded – have joined forces for this year’s Walking Home for Christmas campaign, supported by British fashion and homeware retailer Matalan. They have called on Brits across the country to put their best foot…