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As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, a group of young Welsh music enthusiasts have been compiling a music industry conference for other young people that want to get into different areas of the music industry. The project is in collaboration with Anthem, Youth Music and Welsh Government. Beacons has hired four young consultants, Lily Beau, Sizwe Chitiyo, Llew Glyn and Alexandra Jones to curate and promote an online resource suite of insightful industry talks, panel discussions, comedic sketches and resources…

Darren Kirby, fitness expert and founder of Fitter Healthier Dad® (, shares his top 5 healthy food alternatives you can quickly and easily change in your diet so that you don’t feel like you are being restricted. According to Darren, losing fat, getting fitter and having more energy is not as complicated or time-consuming as most of us think. His career as a fitness expert follows his own transformation 6 years ago from an overweight, stressed-out city worker (he lost…