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During the 2020 lockdown over 350,000 people in Wales* (18%) stepped outside their front doors to run for their daily exercise. With gyms closed once again and running clubs not able to exercise together, Run Wales is looking for first-time joggers, power walkers and race finishers to join their new campaign From My Door and be a part of a new running movement in 2021. From My Door hopes to encourage 500,000 people to use the only gateway to exercise we have…

The past year has redefined the meaning of ‘busy doing nothing’. Between lockdowns, cancelled holidays, and exercise limitations, people have flocked to social media to divert their attention away from the adversity that 2020 brought. This year is looking slightly more optimistic, bringing hope that we can return to a near-to-normal existence sometime soon. The opportunity to reinvigorate our lives and prepare for the year ahead must be taken now. Plan the year ahead and put down your mobile phone,…