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Mad Dog Brewing Co. are embarking on a series of challenges to increase awareness of mental health problems and raise vital funds for Welsh mental health charity Hafal. Mad Dog Brewing Co. founder Alexis Jones (left) and head brewer Stuart Watkins (right) will be taking on some extraordinary challenges over the next year to increase awareness of mental health and raise money for Hafal, Wales’ principal charity for people with a serious mental illness and their carers.   On 20th…

A Review by Melissa Compton. Guys and Dolls Jr was performed at the YMCA, Cardiff, directed and produced by Osian Rhys and presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe). The only thing small about this performance is the ticket price. This group of extremely talented young people put on an incredible performance. The crowd was friendly and excited as they filled the seats closest to the stage, the lights dimmed and the red curtains were drawn to reveal a…