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Stuart Goldsmith is performing his award-winning new stand-up show “Like I Mean It” at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff on 30th June 2018, We interviewed Stuart about his new stand-up show. I call myself a DIY comedian because I’m building a tour following without having much of a TV or radio profile. I’ve done the odd bit of telly, but I perform on the free fringe at Edinburgh, and am obsessive about cultivating the small but loyal fan base my “Comedian’s…

We are voting for Roath Rocks for the best music website and Tom Auton the best solo act. We would be pleased if you could get behind them too! Cardiff Music Awards announce the finalists of the 20 categories & voting opens After receiving over 3000 nominations across the categories, the nomination stage is over and the voting begins. The top five nominees of the 20 categories have moved onto the voting stage. Voting is now open and will close on…