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Over 2,200 secondary school students across 10 schools in Cardiff and South Wales will receive a hard-hitting lesson on the dangers of underage drinking, as award-winning alcohol awareness theatre production ‘Smashed’ embarks on its largest tour yet. Developed and presented by Collingwood Learning and supported by Diageo, ‘Smashed’ combines drama with interactive workshops to help secondary school students understand the facts, causes and consequences of underage drinking and drive down alcohol consumption among young people. Each 25-minute performance is followed…

Anyone aged 50 or above can experience a child-free visit to the science discovery centre this month, at the next Over-50s’ Science Café.   Tuesday 14 November will see a takeover at Techniquest for those of a more mature vintage than usual, as an adults-only Science Café gets underway from 1pm that day. The theme will be the marine environment and guests will be treated to a live science show in the Science Theatre, produced with support from the Scottish…