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  The British Red Cross is kicking off its 150th year with a campaign called #ItStartsWithHer to show how women in the UK can change the lives of women in one of the most disaster-prone places on the planet, simply by donating unwanted clothes. Almost half of women in the UK have admitted to owning too many clothes according to a recent survey for the charity. The research revealed that most, woman claim to wear less than half of their wardrobe,…

Global Acts of Unity has launched an inaugural poetry competition and is asking young people (aged 11-18) to enter by expressing what ‘unity’ means to them for a chance to win £100 vouchers and £500 worth of supplies for their school. The contest aims to encourage children to use the power of poetry as a form of expression to capture how they feel about ‘unity’ in their school and their wider community. The goal is to encourage students to explore its meaning, strengthen their barriers…