The Compassionate Care Break UK Programme is for families with children or teenagers affected by cancer and who need to spend quality time together in a stress free and relaxing environment.

Kids Cancer Charity help these families by arranging a break for them, free of charge, at one of our four caravans in Wales; giving families something positive to look forward to. Often this will be their first family holiday since diagnosis and gives the whole family the opportunity to spend time together away from the stresses of hospital and invasive treatment. It allows them time to rebuild the intimacy of the family unit. The parents/carers also have peace of mind knowing that if they do unexpectedly need treatment for their child, the best medical facilities are easily available and there is back-up support always close to hand.

There are luxury mobile homes at four different coastal locations in Wales, the holiday parks are situated on prime sites and are open from March until the end of October. The homes all have central heating and double-glazing; the ones at Glan-y-Mor and Lydstep Beach have 3 bedrooms; the homes at Greenacres and Manorbier are suitable for wheelchair users and have 2 bedrooms. All of the mobile homes are fully equipped with all the things you would expect to find in your own home.

 Anna’s Story

Anna was diagnosed with a rare cancer, a neuroblastoma, when she was three years old. For the next two years Anna was in and out of hospital receiving painful and invasive treatment. This took its toll not only on her but her parents, James and Claire, but also her older brother Craig.

Craig was confused and frightened for Anna and he missed her very much, parents, Claire and James were struggling too, but were managing to get through by taking one day at a time and trying to make the most of each and every day.

As a family they desperately needed a break and approached Kids Cancer Charity to see if we could help. As Anna was not well enough to fly or travel too far we offered the family one of our Compassionate Care Breaks in the UK, and we speedily arranged for the family to stay at one of our luxury mobile homes in Wales.

Our home had double glazing and central heating, and better still, was right on the coast with direct access to the beach. More importantly, it is only 2 miles from the local hospital where Anna could receive ongoing treatment during their stay. As the charity made all the arrangements all they had to do was pack!

We were delighted that the family had a wonderful week together, filled with special memories, smiles and laughter replacing the sadness and pain. The children spent time together on the beach, in the sea, dancing in the Club House, visiting the Zoo and going for rides on the steam train.

Batteries recharged, the family had a magical time away from the stresses of the hospital secure in the knowledge that they had the back-up of the charity should it be needed.


During the past year in total nearly 700 individuals like Anna, Craig, Claire and James had a cost-free break at one of our mobile homes in Wales.

Kids Cancer Charity, (Reg. Charity No.1113821) was established as Christian Lewis Trust in May 1989 and is committed to caring for children affected cancer and their families throughout the UK. Our objectives remain unchanged and over the last two decades we have broadened the range and scope of the services we offer which are: Play TherapyBereavement CounsellingBefriendingSupport GroupsCompassionate Care Breaks in the UKTravel Insurance and the American and French “Dream Experience”.


What they do:

•             To improve the quality of life of children and teenagers affected by cancer.

•             To provide emotional and practical support that complements and adds value to the services provided by the statutory authorities.

•             To recognise that childhood cancer affects the entire family.


Who they help:

•             Children and teenagers who have cancer

•             Children/teenagers who are receiving cancer treatment

•             Children/teenagers who are receiving palliative care for terminal cancer

•             Children/teenagers who have been bereaved by cancer The parents and siblings of any/all of the above children and teenagers