20 things all students in cardiff know and love!


By Mehak Bhasin


1. Every night in Cardiff has the potential of becoming a night out.

–          Monday – Glam

–          Tuesday – Revs

–          Wednesday – CUSU (Yolo)

–          Thursday – Walkabout (TNT)

–          Friday – Pryzm

–          Saturday – CUSU (Flux)


2. And it ends with food at 3 am.

Burger King, McDonald’s or Mama’s Kebab House on City Road. Take your pick.

burger king

3. Because cooking drunk is never a good idea.

drunk food

4. Deliveroo, JustEat and Kukd.

The necessary takeaway for those hungover mornings and when you’re just too lazy to cook.


just eat


5. Fattoush (previously known as Uni Kitchen)

For the love of chips and cheese with garlic mayo and ketchup.

cheesy chips

6. The fire alarm will go off in student halls at the oddest hour.

fire alarm

7. It rains almost all the time.


8. And the wind sometimes makes it pointless to carry an umbrella.

If it’s very windy, this will happen.


9. But when the sun shines, Cardiff is the best city on Earth.

And on those days, there is an abundance of places to visit.


10. Bute Park

On those beautiful sunny days, most students head to Bute Park to chill in the park or play a game of football and cricket.

bute park

11. Chippy Lane

For more chips and cheese, and the added options of chips with curry and delicious kebabs.

chippy lane

12. Dressing up in weird attire is huge.

The nightlife in Cardiff, UK.

 13. So naturally Halloween is widely celebrated.

Halloween night out

 14. Free entry into Live Lounge

Perfect for those broke university students.

Live lounge

15. Winter Wonderland

A magical place around Christmas time to enjoy rides, ice skating, hot dogs and beers!

winter wonderland

 16. Drunk strangers become the best of friends.


 17. Varsity – and the Cardiff vs. Swansea rivalry


18. Cardiff Bay

With a whole range of restaurants and an exquisite view, no wonder this place is loved by students, locals and tourists.

Cardiff Bay Cityscape

19. Endless nights in Julian Hodge or ASSL during exam time.


20. Premiere Cinemas and the student tickets

£3 tickets, it doesn’t get better than that!