2014 Pick me Ups


Better late than never but Happy New Year to my favourite Cardiff Times readers, I hope you had finished 2013 with a bang and have started 2014 an even bigger, louder bang!

Sorry I haven’t written anything for a while, if your life is anything like mine– COURSE WORK DEADLINES! But, I Promise the hard work will be worth it!

So my January started off sober…….but me being me, I lasted 10 days- Student problems. I think the temptation is a lot more, knowing you can’t have a glass of wine on a Friday night. But Hey Ho… ITS NEARLY REFRESHERS!!!

I know how dull January can be – the weathers pants, everyone’s skint and that favourite pair of jeans has gotten a little bit too tight. So just for you students, I’ve got a few things that I hope will cheer you up and make the rest of your January a smasher!

1.STUDENT LOANS. First loans never last long, especially if you’re in your first year – you get excited about all that money, feel like you’re a celebrity buying champagne when drunk, then all of a sudden its Christmas and BOOOM… your skint! Yehp its normal, but KERCHINGG were ‘rich’ again. ( Next time go for shots – not everyone likes champagne).


2. SALES. Clothes have priority over any form of payment so revamp your wardrobe and you’ll be LOOKING FRESH in no time.


3.REFRESHERS. Yey, its nearly refreshers! This one is always wayyy better than Freshers, because you’ve made your friends, they understand who you are when you get yourself in a pickle on a night out and can no longer stand up. Plus, exams are over!!


4. SIX NATIONS. These bring some of the best nights out I’ve ever had in Cardiff, the atmosphere is amazing! ESPECIALLY, because Wales are actually really good at Ruby. WOA (word of advice) you English’uns try n learn the Welsh National Anthem, you might want to try n blend in these days 😉


5. SUMMERS GETTING CLOSER. I’m definitely not a Winter bunny, mainly because my Uni house is like Antarctica, but the fact I don’t k

now whether I’m more upset about the fact I have to wear fake tan (can’t stand the smell) or the fact I’m so pale I’ve had to resort to wearing fake tan- All time low!


Just a short blog from me today, but cheers for a healthy and happy 2014.


Back Soon


Jodie 🙂