3 Legged Race!


3 legged race

So I wanted to blog about this as I think it is an amazing idea for an amazing Charity, and they need your support!

Walking With The Wounded are looking to get as many schools and students as possible to take part, at
the same time, in this brilliant national event. The record stands at 930 pairs, but we know that we can
beat that if we get as many schools as possible involved, and we’re planning to beat it 20 times
over! Students who take on the challenge will be tied together in teams of two to hop, skip and probably
stumble their way down a 200-metre course, raising money for Walking With The Wounded by having
fun and taking part in a Guinness World Record Attempt for their school.
Walking With the Wounded want to engage young people and get them thinking creatively about
fundraising, inspiring a love of charity and giving from a young age through fun activities and local
community: each participant in the Three Legged Race will be raising a minimum of £10 for wounded
service personnel.

“This new Guinness World Record Attempt is a fantastic opportunity for Walking With The Wounded to
engage with local communities and encourage school children to get involved with the charity. We hope
this will be a huge nationwide event with participants taking us well over the current World Record of
1,860 participants. It is a great way to raise awareness about what we do as an organisation and get a
much younger audience involved with our fundraising. Thank you to everyone who has shown their
support so far and please do get involved and help us set a new World Record.”
Andrew Cook, Director of Fundraising, Walking With The Wounded

So now you know about it, get involved and show your support!

Happy Reading!