40% of Britons will spend less than a fiver on their dads this Father’s Day

  • New figures show people generally spend more on Mother’s Day than they do for Father’s Day
  • More than 40% of people will spend no more than a fiver on their dad this year
  • Only 21% of people spend between £21 and £50 on their dad for Father’s Day, compared to 24.2% on Mother’s Day
  • Daughters are more likely to push the boat out on their Father’s Day gift


With less than a week to go until Father’s Day, new figures show that our dear old dads are likely to be hugely disappointed come June 21st.


Research conducted by Parcel2Go.com has found that 42.7% of people will spend no more than £5 on their Father’s Day gift. It’s become a long-standing joke that sons and daughters tend to leave things until the very last minute when sourcing a present to mark Father’s Day, and this new research suggests that we’re unwilling to treat our dads to anything more than a cheap supermarket card and a single pint of beer if they’re lucky!


Over 1,500 people took part in the survey, which showed that we’re more inclined to spend larger sums of money on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day. The results showed that 30.9% of respondents spend between £6 and £20 on Mother’s Day, compared to just 24.9% on Father’s Day. Meanwhile, 24.2% said they splashed out a little more on Mother’s Day, spending between £21 and £50, whereas only 21% would spend this amount on their dads.


The study also found that only a small percentage of Britons are willing to spend big on Mothering Sunday or Father’s Day. Just over 5% of those polled said they would spend more than £100 on their mum and dad on these annual milestone days. Whether we’re still counting the cost of the global financial crisis or we just don’t really take these days seriously, it’s clear that most of us operate on a tight budget.


Interestingly, the statistics highlighted a difference in mindset between males and females. Just 29% of sons will spend more than £20 on their dad for Father’s Day, whereas this figure rises to over 35% among daughters.


Robert Mead, Marketing Manager at Parcel2Go.com, believes that people generally leave things too late, and end up panic-buying a card and cheap gift.


Father’s Day tends to creep up on us, and it’s not uncommon to see people scouring the supermarket shelves on Father’s Day itself in the hope of finding some kind of gift,” he commented.


“It’s obvious that we spend more money and put more effort into Mother’s Day presents, which is fair enough, but the lack of consideration for our dads is a real shame. Rather than making a last-ditch token gesture, it would be nice to see people putting a bit more thought into their Father’s Day gifts. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show you care.”


It’s still not too late to buy your dad something special for Father’s Day and get it to him on time. Stuck for ideas? Why not visit the Parcel2Go.com website and browse through our gift guide to find something truly special for under £20?


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