A Cardiff company is taking a fresh approach to protecting families


A Cardiff company is taking a fresh approach to protecting families and supporting charities throughout the UK

QWill Writing Services Limited (“QWill”), located in Cardiff Bay, has a mission to reduce the cost of Will writing and Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) work whilst also taking a charitable approach to the business.

Louise O’Halloran, Managing Director of QWill, established the Will writing business after experiencing considerable expense setting up a Will to protect her own family.

Recent reports suggest that over 67% of the adult population in England & Wales do not have a Will.

Reasons given include lack of knowledge surrounding the importance of Will making, accessibility to services and unaffordable costs. It became clear to ‘QWill’ that the cost for the provision of these services was limiting access to the protection that families need for the vulnerable periods of their lives. QWill’s aim is to reduce that statistic to ensure that individuals and families are protected, particularly through LPAs as people live longer and conditions, such as Dementia, are increasing.

In terms of its charitable objective, QWill supports a plethora of charities with an increasing number joining the scheme.

Louise explains that ‘small Welsh charities are doing great things but they need funding and help to raise their public profile. Wills and legacy gifts enable charities to receive vital funding to support generations to come.’

QWill recently attended a charity fundraising event with Welsh veteran footballer and BBC pundit, John Hartson.  John explained, ‘QWill enables people to protect themselves and their loved ones by providing an accessible and affordable avenue to make a Will or LPA. 

The John Hartson Foundation relies on the generosity of donations from the public. QWill offers charities, like ours, invaluable financial support by enabling people to protect their families whilst also leaving legacies to charities like ourselves. I would encourage people to plan ahead by making their wills and Lasting Power of Attorney.  QWill ensures that you, your loved ones and the charities that are important to you are protected for generations to come.’

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