A Guideline to Rad Dad Dance Moves! By Fran





If Dad will be getting on the dance floor this Father’s Day then you probably want to avoid him at all costs! Dad might think he’s rad but we think he’s bad…

So if he thinks he can pull off a groove… then we suggest you give him these guidelines to make things just that little bit more bearable for you – and everyone else!

The Smooth Criminal

Beat it Dad. The way you make me feel is super CRINGEY.

Smooth Criminal


The Staying Alive

It’s hard not to want to crawl up and die when Dad gets on the dance floor…

Disco Dad


The Old School Rocker

Does Dad think rockin’ all over the world is appropriate in public? Maybe in his generation… but he’ll certainly be on the highway to hell once you’ve finished with him – the least he’ll get is a stiff upper lip for cracking out such ridiculous moves!

Rock Dad


The Wedding Killer


You might want to side-step Dad during all family reunions, or anywhere that there’s music and alcohol combined! This is where Dad gets too big for his boots, and certainly thinks his boots are made for walking.

Wedding Killer


The 80’s Craze

Dad’s becoming a disco diva, and although we might still be pulling out these moves with our mates, when dad does this solo it’s just, so… no.

80's Craze

So even if the Ultimate Guide To Dad Dancing didn’t help turn your Dad from bad to rad…at least you’ll be cracking up at his attempt!

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Keep Dancing!