‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by Shakespeare – reviewed by Inga Marsden


The Sherman Theatre truly outdid themselves at the premiere of their modern-day take on the ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by Shakespeare. The comical, romantic play honours Hermia’s emotive declaration in Act One; ‘O hell, to choose love by another’s eyes!’ This set the tone for the entirety of the play; echoing Shakespeare’s sonnets, it was a heart-warming celebration of love in all forms.

Whilst Shakespeare plays may sometimes present themselves as inaccessible to the modern day audience, thanks to the gifted writers Mari Izzard and Nia Mora, this enchanting and escapist comedy made for a greatly entertaining and pleasurable experience.

The main stage of the theatre adopts an Art Deco style, with green marble and golden embellishments. The modern day clothing complemented the characters, both adhering and accrediting their personas seamlessly.

As a play refreshingly written by women, a unique feminist stance was adopted. Female submissive roles (which were kept to a minimum) were counteracted by the odd sarky comment – It was very well received and much appreciated. The writers did not let anything slide.

I feel compelled to mention the jester of the play, Bottom, played by Sion Pritchard. Bottom, the eccentric, comical and ignorant leader of the labourers who are assigned the noble task of performing at Thesius’ wedding, manages to mesmerise his acting group with his delusions and fantasies. He encompassed the role with peculiarly endearing idiocy and self-absorption, taking ‘theatrical’ a step too far and rolling his r’s too many times to count.

Welsh magic ensued upon Hermia and Lysanna’s entrance to the mystical land of the fairies. The inclusion of the Welsh language made for a valuable bilingual experience, which was a lovely touch.

The only, very minor, critique of the play was usage of the ‘surtitles’ (a term for subtitles at the top of the stage). They were no-doubt useful, yet due to the commonplace of subtitles, the eye naturally wanders to the bottom of the screen. If you have the fortune of being a Welsh speaker, this would be of little inconvenience.

Throughout the play ran a sense of warmth and lightness; it was fantastic. If you have the chance, I urge you to attend and immerse yourself in all this escapist and hilarious play has to offer.

Tickets are available to buy until the 29th October, ranging from £16-27     






Dena Davies Hermia

Leah Gaffey Puck

Sion Ifan Oberon / Theseus

Hannah McPake Peter Quince

Lauren Morais Lysanna

Tom Mumford Demetrius

Sion Pritchard Bottom / Egeus

Nia Roberts Titania / Hippolyta

Rebecca Wilson Helena


By / Gan William Shakespeare

Welsh language adaptations by / Addasiadau Cymraeg gan Mari Izzard & Nia Morais

Director / Cyfarwyddwr Joe Murphy

Associate Director / Cyfarwyddwr Cyswllt Jac Ifan Moore

Welsh Language Dramaturg / Dramatwrg Iaith Gymraeg Branwen Davies

Designer / Cynllunydd Elin Steele

Composer / Cyfansoddwr Eädyth Crawford

Sound Designer / Cynllunydd Sain Ian Barnard

Lighting and Projection Designer / Cynllunydd Goleuo a Thafluniad Andy Pike