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“It’s a great app to have on your device if you need your mind to be fit” Mindfit is a selfhelp app that helps you to feel better about yourself, cope with stress, and reduce negative thoughts and insomnia.

Sometimes we all have those moments when we feel depressed, anxious or we just lack motivation and energy due to the challenges at work or in our personal lives. With simple steps and techniques Mindfit helps you to set goals, focus on and achieve them. This goal setting process helps the user to refocus the negative energy into a constructive and positive experience raising self-esteem and reinforcing positive thoughts.

Mindfit is designed to imitate some of the questions and techniques that a therapist would use during the first session for those looking for professional help.


1) DESCRIBE YOURSELF Here one will be able to identify situations, feelings and thoughts – this process helps the user to become more aware of how they react when facing a challenge and identify the users’ major weaknesses. In addition, Mindfit will present the user with some simple techniques to strengthen those weaknesses and overcome challenging situations.

2) RECORD SOMETHING GOOD An important aspect of this program is the registration and recording of positive experiences. Experience shows that many people need help shifting their focus from the negative to the positive. Shifting your focus to situations that they have mastered in a positive way helps them to solve their challenges.

3) SELF-HELP TECHNIQUES Change consists of both: ups and downs. Here we have collected various techniques that can be used when in a challenging situation: from breathing exercises to attention focusing exercises. In this section the user can design their own personal goals and register progress. A mobile mental coach in your pocket www.mindfitapp.com

Research has shown that to practice and show thankfulness and to focus on positive experiences increases joy and happiness and reduces depression. This is why many therapists have recommended Mindfit for their patients.

About Mindfit

• Mindfit has existed for a year

• High scores on user feedback in both App store and Google Play in Norway, UK and Australia

• Among the most downloaded apps in Apple Store and Google play in Norway since it was launched

• Downloaded almost 30 000 times


I recommend Mindfit to both: my friends and my patients as a psychologist. It can help people through trying times or with minor problems such as difficulty concentrating or motivational problems in everyday life.” – Tea Agerup, psychologist

Huffington Post

“It’s a great app to have on your device if you constantly are going through some kind of challenges throughout the day and you need your mind to be fit, this is exactly what this app does” (http://videos.huffingtonpost.com/green/mindfit-iphone-app-review-518369423)

User feedback from App Store:

“Mindfit helps to focus on positive things and cope with negative things. It makes a big difference just within 3 weeks”.


Founder and CEO is Hilde Amundsen, a web designer and innovator from Norway. The idea of Mindfit came to Hilde when she was going through tough times in her life and needed motivation to change the way of thinking. With easy steps you can achieve big changes – you become aware of how you react in difficult situations.

Mindfit has been quality assured and developed with Hilde’s sister Janne Ekeberg Amundsen, who is an experienced psychologist and co-owner of the company.

A mobile mental coach in your pocket www.mindfitapp.com The tool is inspired by well-respected treatment methods such as cognitive therapy and EMDR, but also by the more general communication and therapy techniques used in psychology.

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