Casting for Welsh Coastal Families – new BBC series


A new BBC TV series is going to re-create a traditional Welsh fishing community from 1906.   The series’ producers are looking for families who would like to experience this unique way of life, on the incredible Welsh coast, for a month.


If you and your family have a sense of adventure and a desire to time travel, then Wildflame Productions want to hear from you. They are producing a new documentary series for the BBC that will see families step back in time to 1906. The series will re-create a traditional fishing community on the rugged coastline of North Wales.

The series will be an immersive experience.  For a month, the participants will live and work as our fishing ancestors did – setting up home in simple fisherman’s cottages, wearing the clothes, earning a living from the coast and enduring the worst and best the wild sea can throw at them.


Life will be tough but exhilarating and governed by the tides and weather. Participants will fish from traditional sailing boats, collect shellfish along the shoreline, forage for seaweed and wild herbs and sell their wares to fishmongers, creating a real economy.


For people interested in applying, knowledge of fishing or sailing is not necessary but a willingness to tackle a challenge is a must.


The producers are especially keen to talk to people with maritime links – perhaps their great-Grandfather was a fisherman or a lighthouse keeper, or their Grandmother was a cockle woman. Maybe their parents/grandparents came over to Wales from further afield as sailors, dock-workers or shipbuilders.


Wildflame Productions have been commissioned by the BBC to make this new series, which is set to be a truly unique experience for both the families involved, and for the audience at home. The programme makers are known for other ‘living history’ programmes such as “Coal House” and “Snowdonia 1890”.



If you and your family think you have what it takes to survive and thrive in a historical community like this then apply online at

or for more information email casting@wildflameproductions or call 07599 812 383.


Closing date for entries is 29th June 2018, but we would highly recommend that you apply as soon as possible.


The Producers say: “We’re looking for families who want to step out of the modern world and their comfort zones, to take on a new adventure that will be challenging and rewarding.”