A quarter of Welsh people haven’t experienced something new for more than a year



Residents of Wales are being urged to be more adventurous in 2019, with results from a survey revealing that 27 per cent haven’t tried something new in more than a year.

The results also showed the average Welsh person tried something new every 20 weeks, making them the UK’s least adventurous region. The average Brit tries something new every 15 weeks.

The stats are revealed in new research from Boundless, the events and experiences club for public sector workers, in a survey which sought to analyse happiness levels in the workplace.

The survey found a link between happiness and performance – with nearly three-quarters saying they felt better about going to work on a Monday after a good weekend.

Nine in ten also said they performed better at work when they feel happy.

The survey showed:

  • 62 per cent of people said they rarely, very rarely or never try anything new.
  • The older we get the fewer new experiences we try – those age 16-24 try something new on average every 6 weeks, those aged 35-44 every 16 weeks and those over 55 every 23 weeks.
  • 56 per cent of workers across the board admit they don’t make the most of their spare time.

Ian Holmes-Lewis, Director at Boundless, said: “These figures should be food for thought for managers and business owners because they show staff aren’t making the most of time outside of work.

“Trying new things and having new experiences can be a big contributor to keeping people happy and inspired, both at work and at home.

“The results also show that people perform better in the workplace when they feel happy in life, so there is an opportunity here to improve both morale and productivity.

“So, what better New Year’s resolution in 2019 than to encourage staff to get out there more and try new experiences?”


The three least adventurous UK regions:
“How often, in weeks, do you try something new?”


Wales –20 weeks
East of England – 19 weeks
South East – 18 weeks


The three most adventurous UK regions:


London – 9 weeks
West Midlands – 13 weeks
South West – 15 weeks