A single girls guide to Valentines Day


The same day but a different year. Hearts, hearts, hearts… EVERYWHERE. Every restaurant and shop is bombarded with the feeling of ‘Love’. But as for someone with a few single valentine days under my belt (one particularly followed by a movie marathon of Horrors) it’s actually quite an emotional day. Being single on valentines day is almost like your asking for sympathy from those in relationships – one year my best friend offered for me to come for (a paid) dinner  with her and the boyf!..

So what I’m single? That doesn’t mean I’m alone and going to and up living with 10 cats at the age of 50, I just don’t have a boyfriend – it’s normal!


I’ve got some ideas for you singletons to make your “single awareness day” not so rubbish.

  • Spend the evening with some celebrity eye candy – popcorn and a glass of vino with the best choice of chick flicks.
  • Grab a single friend and head to a spa day for the evening and treat yourself to a massage or pedicure – that’s my idea of heaven.
  • Host an ‘anti valentines day’ dinner party for any single friends (not everyone is tied down), that way you don’t have to leave the house and watch all the couples smooching and devoting their love for each other just because it’s the 14th of February.
  • Seen as your saving money not buying anything for anyone else – why not treat your wardrobe (I’ve already got my eye on some new heels).
  • Being alone makes you more creative – lets be honest Richard Branson didn’t earn his millions cuddled up to a loved one did he?!
  • Be a “cool auntie” and offer to baby sit for the night if you have any nieces or nephews. Take them to a playground and spoil them with tons of food they rarely have – you’ll be loved forever.
  • Spring is on the horizon, do an early ‘spring clean’ you’re house will be sparkling way ahead of time.


Forget Valentines day; you don’t have to define your relationship status to others – it isn’t your identity, or about flowers, chocolates and cards, it is in fact a commercial holiday. So don’t be down in the dumps, there’s plenty of single FUN things to do!


Have a good one,


Jodie 🙂