A special bake that’s on the rise!


You just can’t keep down the good Bakers of Rogerstone. We’re swapping our Rocky Road for a new Range of Designer Bakes by THE CAKE ACADEMY that will add a real WOW to those extra special occasions and we’re going Online to prove it is possible to get our exceptional handfinished cakes delivered direct to your door! A special bake that’s on the rise!

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Dreaming of being the next Nigella, Jamie, Mary or Paul is one thing but even they’ll tell you a special occasion cake is not one to take lightly. A traditional Victoria Sponge can take the best part of a day to make when baked at home… and even all those hours glued to the Great British Bake Off don’t always make a Star Bake on the Big Day, especially when there’s so much else to organise. That’s where the experience of our Bakers at THE CAKE ACADEMY can bring a helping hand – and deliver the extra personal touch you’re after!

Special birthdays, engagements, weddings, births, anniversaries, retirements – the list is as long as the cards that go with them. At THE CAKE ACADEMY we bake cakes for every occasion with a meticulous measure of precision, a generous dose of craft, a sprinkling of delight – stirred with care for Piff, paff, poof Perfection!

With the launch of THE CAKE ACADEMY we are making it our mission to make our Cake the Special in your Special Event, the Ding Dong with your bells, and the Hip Hip in your Hoorah…


To that end we’ve created THE CAKE ACADEMY Bakers’ Oath:

We expert bakers do solemnly swear By our sponges, fillings and sugar-paste bears, To cherish your custom and ever be true In crafting fab cakes, by hand, just for you.

Generous portions of love in each batch, The finest ingredients for taste hard to match and exceptional recipes for every part Create ”Cake Magic”, straight from the heart.

We vow to bake cakes that look truly divine, With taste and texture both completely sublime, To deliver them, punctually, to each destination, And bring a real WOW! to your special occasion.

Having seen what’s offer elsewhere, we understand the scale of the challenge we’ve set ourselves and are working harder than ever before to create show-stopping cakes for any occasion, whether a quiet teatime get-together or a big birthday bash… We aim to bring the unmatched creativity, expertise, love and dedication of our family of bakers and sugar-paste artists straight to your door. To join us in baking this new chapter in our story. Contact Marcel Aerts on 07778530716 or email us at [email protected]