All Because of You – new single released to raise vital funds for those on the front line of COVID-19


Right Recordings is delighted to announce the release of All Because of You, the new single by Andy Duerden.

Andy Duerden tells us about his new release:

“I’m a Dorking based singer-songwriter. About 3 weeks ago I spoke to a friend, Jon Stanley, who is COO of a care company in the South East.  I offered to beam some music into his homes to entertain the residents.  My friend was grateful but remarked that their entire efforts were focused on the carnage they were expecting in a few weeks’ time.

“That time is now and he was so right, they are sadly reporting deaths.  Having had much more time to sit and write, a song appeared. My cousin, a GP and her husband, an anesthetist, were very much in mind. They have both had to isolate with thankfully mild symptoms but are now back on the frontline.  Jon was also very much in mind and I sent him copy of the song just to provide a boost. I was delighted when he asked to use the song for a video he was having made to thank and encourage his staff at this horrendous time. Things have progressed, and the song is now released on all platforms worldwide.  I do know from my dealing with Jon and his colleagues that care workers, as a distinct group, are in a vulnerable situation. My aim therefore is to send as much money as possible from sale proceeds of this song to The Care Workers Charity. My focus is directly on the people right on the frontline.”


All Because of You is available to download now from

There is also a JustGiving page for those wishing to make direct donations: