Award-Winning Panda’s Launch Mother’s Day Search for a Cheeky Panda Cub


A PAIR of PANDA parents are marking Mothering Sunday by launching a competition to find the face of their cheeky panda cub.

Julie Chen and Chris Forbes, also known in fun as Mum and Dad Panda are launching a competition to find a child to be the model face of their award-winning Essex-based business, The Cheeky Panda.


The Cheeky Panda makes 3-ply bamboo toilet paper. This means rather than using traditional toilet paper or recycled toilet tissue (which uses de-inking chemicals that can cause potential health hazards), people in the UK will now be able to purchase toilet paper made from 100% virgin bamboo pulp that is 100% tree-free.

One of the great things about bamboo is the fact it is a grass and unlike trees (which take 30 years to grow), bamboo harvests every year. It has many skin-friendly benefits including being super-absorbent and anti-bacterial (great for toilet paper use).

Chris and Julie, who live in Shenfield, Essex, are very passionate about the green business they have given birth to and so consider themselves to be Mother and Father Panda, even dressing to promote the family-friendly brand.


Julie said: “We are passionate about our product as a high quality alternative to traditional toilet and tissue paper, but we are also passionate about the environment. Our green approach to everything we do means we are doing our best for the next generation – something I’m sure every mother can relate to.”

The competition is open to both boys and girls under the age of three. To enter the competition, parents are asked to complete the submission form and upload a picture of their child wearing a panda hat or outfit via

  • First prize is £100, a selection of The Cheeky Panda products, with the winning child having a professional photo shoot of them dressed as a panda cub and become the official ‘Cheeky Panda Cub’ for the next 12 months.
  • The prize for second place is £50,courtesy of Welch and Ellis Accountants in Oswestry –  a selection of The Cheeky Panda products, and a professional family photo-shoot with a London-based photographer Richard Chambers of Richard’s Lens Photography
  • Third place will receive a bumper pack of The Cheeky Panda products.

There is also a separate prize for the best photograph of a group of Cheeky Panda’s taken at a nursery, preschool or kindergarten, with the winning establishment to win £100 to spend on play equipment which has been sponsored by not-for-profit firm PR firm Jolly Good Causes.

Tips for photo entries:

Please ensure that the photo of your kid is appropriate to be printed in the paper. Your child should be suitably clothed and facing the camera. Please check that your photo is:

  • Portrait orientation
  • Clear and in focus
  • Well lit and in colour
  • Without any special filters, effects or text
  • Supplied in a png or jpeg file format and has not been reduced in size

If you would like to enter two children, for example twins or siblings, please use a separate entry form for each. Each child’s photo should also be supplied separately.

Chris said: “This isn’t so much a modelling competition as a search for a cheeky panda who represents both the fun but also the importance of our product and the impact it has for feature generations. In keeping with our brand we welcome entrants of all shapes and sizes as all children are beautiful – we just want to find one that is the right kind of cheeky!”

“This competition is going to be great fun, but I hope it will also highlight the importance of The Cheeky Panda’s approach. We want our future generations to live in a sustainable world, so everything we do is geared towards minimising our carbon footprint – but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t be light hearted along the way, too!”