B Fit help celebrate friendships in Cardiff in unique way


In recognition of National Best Friends Day, B Fit Have The Perfect Way to Have Your BFF Around For A Long, Long Time.   


June 8th is Best Friend Day. It’s a great time to enjoy and appreciate your best friend or relight a friendship with a former best friend you haven’t seen in a while. To encourage you to do so, B Fit are offering individuals (and one of their good friends) a free consultation and two free workout sessions, where they can train together with one of their coaches. To take advantage of their Best Friend Offer, you just need to contact them anytime between June 8th and the end of the month and state you’re calling about the Best Friend Offer.


“People are so busy these days living their lives, it’s often pretty easy for friends to go months without talking to each other. Getting fit together is the perfect reason to spend more time with someone you enjoy spending time with,” says Kev Foley, owner of B Fit.

A study carried out by Virgin Active Health Clubs found that, of 1,000 women, 64 percent of those who run, go to the gym or attend group exercise classes push themselves harder than when they are with a chum versus participating alone. The study also found that they work out longer (42 minutes versus 36 minutes) and burn calories (236 versus 195) when with a friend.

“Lots of people need that extra push to really start taking working out seriously. For many people, partnering up with a friend could mean the difference between spending the night watching television versus doing something that can have such a positive impact on how they feel each day, how mobile they are in the future and how long their stay on the planet is,”
 says Kev.


Kev points out six ways that working out with a good friend can benefit you.

1.      You’ll have more fun.  Making gym time more social helps boost the fun factor. When you’re with someone you know time doesn’t drag like it can when you’re flying solo.

2.      You’ll always have a spotter.  It’s extremely convenient to have someone available for you to spot for you and check your form when using a bench press.

3.      Have someone to keep you accountable.  When you make a firm commitment to meet your friend at the gym for a workout session, you’re more likely to show up versus if you’ve just made tentative plans on your own. Barbara A. Brehm, Ed.D., Professor, Department of Exercise and Sport Studies, at Smith College in Northampton, MA., says that when you schedule to meet a friend for exercise, “you’ll avoid that debate in your head about whether you should go and work out.”

4.      Be less likely to “catch obesity.”  Researchers at Harvard University found that you can “catch” obesity because it spreads like an infectious disease. What they found is that a person’s risk of becoming obese rises by two percent for every five obese social contacts they have. Bottom line is that if you surround yourself with people who are active and eat well, you’ll more likely to do the same.

5.      Get to spend more time with your friend. People are so busy that sometimes it can be months, even years before they have an opportunity to hang out with someone they really like. Scheduled workout sessions give you a reason to stay in touch and strengthen your friendship bond.

6.      Have someone to celebrate with when you reach your goals. The journey towards your goals and your celebration upon achieving them is all that much sweeter when you have a friend to share in each other’s victories.


“For many, the key is to partner up with a friend. We’re hoping the suggestion of teaming up with a best friend is just what people who have been putting their health on the backburner need to take action,”  said Kev.