B Fit PT declares July “Burn Your Junk” Month


In recognition of “National Junk Food Day,”  B Fit PT are inviting people to make a change to their eating habits by inviting them in to their studio to talk about a variety of weight loss strategies that they use week in and week out with their current clients.


Every year, the 21st of July is National Junk Food Day, and many people will see this as a chance to over indulge in the foods that are quite simply making the population obese. Obesity is an ever-growing epidemic that many now assume is the norm. “Just take a look in the street next time you’re walking around town, you’ll no doubt see more overweight than slim people. If you’re slim these days you’re in the minority,” says Kev Foley, owner of B Fit PT in Cardiff.


However this July, B Fit PT are taking the opposite route and are looking to promote and educate people on how to make healthier food choices, by offering the people of Cardiff a “Burn Your Junk” Nutrition Strategy Session at their private personal and group training studio in Penylan.


Kev states, “Living and working in the busy times of today only make us more susceptible to making bad food choices. It’s only natural for us to opt for junk food if we are constantly surrounded by it. Failing to plan and prepare your lunches will only see you turning to processed, high calorie, high salt meal deals.”


If you want to start by making even just a few small changes to your nutrition, Kev urges you to start by considering the following 3 strategies:


1.      Clear all of the low nutritional value foods (AKA junk) from your house, office and car. Because if it’s around you, you’ll eat it, even if you are trying hard it will just be a matter of time. Go into your fridge, freezer and cupboards and get rid of all the ready meals, refined sugars, crisps, fizzy drinks, snacks and alcohol. It’s so easy to fall off track, so we need to plan to be successful before. By removing the junk from your life, you will avoid daily temptations and finally give your body the chance to start burning stored fat.

2.      Go shopping – write down a list of all the fresh and healthy foods that you like to eat then get to the shops and stock up. These foods are high in fibre, packed with nutrients and will provide the body with all the essential fatty acids and vitamins and minerals that you need.

3.      Plan your snacks and lunches the night before –this will ensure you take the guess work out of your day. If you want to get slimmer and healthier then it’s time to ditch those ready-made sandwiches, meal deals and pasta pots as they won’t help. Opt for home prepared nutritious meals high in protein and healthy fats.


“We all face the same issues when it comes to eating healthy. We have busy lifestyles, are surrounded by junk food and are generally time sensitive. If you want to succeed when it comes to healthy eating then you must plan for your success from the start” says Kev.

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