Battle Cancer’s ‘You are Not Alone’ campaign launches with some of the biggest names from Hollywood, Music & Sport


On the 20th May  the ‘Battle Cancer, You are Not Alone’ campaign launched with some of the world’s biggest stars behind it.

An incredible line up of internationally recognisable names including Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Matt Damon, Michael Fassbender, many of which are also respected for being some of the fittest people in their industries.  The campaign which is set to raise awareness and funds for the Battle Cancer Move Forward Programme – a global initiative creating a network of fitness professionals trained to serve those during or post cancer treatment.

Scott Britton, founder of Battle Cancer, together with his friend Hollywood stunt artist Bobby Holland Hanton have used their amazing networks to harness international VIP support for the cause and created the below videos to launch the campaign:

  1. The Hollywood Edit – Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Matt Damon, Michael Fassbender, Joel Edgerton, Toby Kebbell, Niall Horan (and more)
  2. The Sporting / Fitness Edit – Ross Edgley, Danny Alves, Aaron Ramsay, Joe Wicks, Chris Hemsworth’s trainer Luke Zocchi, leading Hollywood Stunt artists including Bobby Holland Hanton, Sam Hargrave, Damien Walters, Bradley Simmonds, Alex Crockford (and more) 
  3. The CrossFit Edit – Mat Fraser (USA), Tia-Clair Toomey (Australia), Katrín Davíðsdóttir (Iceland), Brooke Wells (USA), Pat Vellner (Canada), Jamie & Elliot Simmonds (N.Z & UK) (and more)
  4. The Stunt Artist Edit – Hollywood super stunt artist Bobby Holland Hanton, Zoe Bell, Heidi Moneymaker and Renae Moneymaker (and more)

Together they are spreading the message that ‘Through Battle Cancer you are not alone’, raising awareness of the unique network of support they offer which is rooted in functional fitness and in particular the Move Forward programme they are raising funds for.

About Battle Cancer: Battle Cancer is the world’s leading mass-participation, functional fitness competition, raising money for cancer charities across the world. Founded in 2017 by Scott Britton he turned his personal experience of loss, grief and struggles into a drive to create unique events across the world which brings people together, creates memories and raises life changing amounts for cancer research. In recognition that everyone is some way can be affected by cancer, Battle Cancer brings people together to fight back, celebrate those who have fought and won and remember those who have lost.

This new ‘You are Not Alone’ campaign and the incredible global support it has harnessed is a shining testament to the incredible network and support that functional fitness communities across the world share, Scott Britton says: “Those undergoing treatment, loss and recovery due to cancer over the past few months have never felt so alone and pushed aside. At Battle Cancer we have harnessed the global fitness community and through it we work to tell people around the world that they are not alone. To now have the backing of some of the world’s biggest stars, across so many industries, helping us to deliver this message is simply incredible. Our Move Forward program offers a direct path for cancer patients to help them with recovery, to grow mentally and physically stronger – by people who have been there themselves. We believe in empathy and building a community not based on sympathy but on support. We know the power that fitness has in physical and mental health and with this phenomenal support we can really expand our reach across the world”.

About the Battle Cancer Move Forward Programme: The Move Forward program uses fitness as a way of aiding physical and mental recovery for all those affected by cancer. The programme is led by cancer survivors, allowing them to directly relate and support in a truly impactful way. Through a 10-week program of specially tailored classes it facilitates people back into fitness, as well as supporting them mentally and emotionally as a community with a shared experience of cancer. Each person on the programme has their travel subsidised, all training and coaching hours are covered, and they also receive a fitness care package. The fitness care package supports the emotional, financial and practical needs of those impacted by cancer. At the end of the 10 weeks some of the participants go on to undertake a fitness coaching course and continue to coach the classes within the Move Forward Programme for a year, whilst also providing them with a certified coaching qualification. This creates a sustainable program with survivors coaching, empowering and inspiring the next wave of attendees.

Move Forward is backed by proven research: The Battle Cancer Move Forward program is based on research from CLIC Sargent’s Move Forward initiative – a study examining the impact of a 10-week CrossFit program on the fitness and quality of life with teenage and young adult cancer survivors. The study found that the experimental group saw overwhelming improvement in physical, emotional, cognitive, and social functioning, as well as a reduction in fatigue, appetite loss, and financial difficulties.