Be Inspired to Go Wild!


The Wildlife Trust debuts first ever Pop-Up Wildlife Garden in the Capital

Did you know that there is more space managed as garden in the UK than all nature reserves put together? Imagine what a difference we could make if everyone did something for wildlife in their gardens. The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales are reaching out to Cardiff residents to encourage people to garden with wildlife in mind.

The Wildlife Trust’s ‘My Wild Cardiff’ project, funded with the generous support of the players of People’s Postcode Lottery, is helping people around Cardiff welcome their wildlife neighbours into their gardens.

As part of the My Wild Cardiff project, The Wildlife Trust are creating a ‘Pop-up’ Wildlife Garden in Cardiff’s largest park. Designed by Shani Lawrence Garden Designs, the garden features a pond, a living lawn, a green roof and plenty of homes for wildlife. The temporary garden will serve to inspire visitors and give them ideas as to how they can improve their own gardens for wildlife.

Rose Revera, The Wildlife Trust’s People and Wildlife Officer who is running the My Wild Cardiff project, says “Anything that people can do in their gardens to create more habitat for wildlife in the area will help species such as hedgehogs, bumblebees, butterflies and birds. Creating a network of green areas will strengthen the populations that are seriously struggling, rather than them being confined to a single green area with limited resources. We hope that our pop-up wildlife garden will educate and inspire people to help their wild neighbours.”


The garden will be open to visitors from Monday 7th August until Sunday 6th August, 10:30am – 6pm. Find us next to the Summerhouse Café in Bute Park.

Come and visit us!

For more information, contact Rose via 01656 724100 or [email protected]