Beefeater Review


Upon arriving at the Beefeater in Wenvoe, undoubtedly the first thing we noticed were the beautiful gardens and the location of the restaurant. It is the perfect place for a drink outside in the sunshine. It was such a pleasant surprise and it was a shame the weather wasn’t particularly good. Us British are used to this, though, aren’t we? Let’s hope August is better than July has been.


The restaurant has recently been re-furbished and the layout looks completely different to the last time I visited. The interior is modern and has a welcoming feel to it which impressed me as I wasn’t expecting it to have entirely changed.

Onto the food! The children’s menu had lots of choices and variety which is a breathe of fresh air for us as many other places do not cater very well for children. We’ve visited a few places as of late and to our annoyance and disappointment, the only desert on the menu has been a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. In my opinion, children’s menus should have just as much variety as adults and we were very pleased to see that our children had been spoilt for choice.  The staff also gave the children colouring papers and crayons to keep them occupied before their lunch. Again, I cannot fault that the staff and menu as they catered for my children very well.

My favourite food of all time is steak. Ask anybody I know. So, you can imagine my delight scanning the menu and discovering there were plenty of steak options and that made me extremely happy.

Our main courses arrived and I was not disappointed. I had steak, my Husband ordered fish, the children had pizza and Shepherd’s pie. The only thing I didn’t particularly like was the presentation of was the pizza. I am a massive fan of home cooked food and unfortunately the mini pizza was definitely a frozen, heated-up meal. Other than that, the taste of all our main courses were great. There is a big choice on the menu so you should find something to suit all tastes.

Apart from myself, I was too full from my steak, the rest of my family all had dessert too and they loved every bit of it. You can’t go wrong with delicious desserts, can you?