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Since I took the leap to leave a well paid and secure job to start up SarahJane Therapies, there have been a number of hurdles in my path. One of the hardest has been the need to present myself to the world as someone you trust to help you feel good! The days of leaving the house make up free, in leggings and my pyjama top to do the school run, are long gone! After all, would you go to a hairdresser with bad hair?

When I helped coordinate the delivery of my business leaflets for SarahJane Therapies, I made snap judgement on the owners of each home within seconds. If someone doesn’t look after the outside of their home, would they spend money looking after themselves? Cracked slabs, dirty windows and over flowing bins made me think twice about putting a leaflet through their door. We make snap decisions about people and places within seconds of seeing them, even though we all try hard not to be judgmental.

When selecting a beauty or holistic salon service, the same rules applies. I worry about places that don’t take care of their salon, much of the equipment used in the beauty industry can be dangerous if its not looked after. If a salon cant be bothered to get its windows cleaned, how do you know their hot wax pot gets looked after properly? Look out for signs to show they have adequate insurance, the place looks clean and they take a thorough consultation to get to know you properly. Get recommendations from friends and family that actually look like you want to – its no use asking your 19 year old niece for advice on electrolysis if she has a spray tan once a week.

Lastly, check out your salon therapist – is she welcoming, genuine and professional? You open up a lot to your therapist, its important that you feel completely at ease and confident in your therapist. Above all else, are they ‘Spa’ ready cos do not trust them to take care of you if they do not look after themselves!!!!

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