Blind Entrepreneur educates Department of Work and Pensions


Founder of Visualise Training and Consultancy, Daniel Williams provided his specialist Visual Impairment Awareness Training to staff at Job Centre Plus, Harrow on the 7th of July 2015.

Daniel, who is originally from Bath, trained advisors from the Access To Work scheme, training them to have more confidence when assisting, guiding and communicating with their visually impaired customers.

Access To Work is a Government initiative that supports disabled people in the work place to remove any barriers they may face and provide them with specialist equipment and support to enable them to carry out their roll effectively and equally to those without disability.

The advisors underwent a 3-hour training session covering various eye condition and their symptoms, learning how to communicate effectively with someone who is visually impaired, assisting skills, appropriate language and reasonable adjustments that could be made in compliance with The Equality Act 2010.

Daniel currently receives support from Access To Work, to assist him running his business. He received assistive software, which magnifies his computer screen to allow him to use his computer independently. Access To Work also funded a part time support worker to complete tasks Daniel finds very difficult with his eye condition. William Wright, who has been working with Daniel for 6 months, said “The support that Access To Work provide is crucial to enabling people to carry out their jobs equally to those without s a disability. It has been amazing to have a first hand insight into how those who are classed as ‘disabled’ are actually more motivated and equally as capable as anyone else.”

Daniel said, “I think the Access To Work scheme is invaluable to enable disabled people to stay in employment. As I have received such great support from Access To Work, I wanted to give something back to the Government so they can deliver effective service to their visually impaired customers.”