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Futuregen by Dr Jane Davidson

A new book by Dr Jane Davidson urges other nations to learn from Wales’ Well-Being of Future Generations Act.  In her new book, #futuregen: Lessons From a Small Country, ex-Minister for Environment, Housing and Sustainability, reveals what governments, policy makers and activists around the world can learn from the creation and implementation of the Well-Being of Future Generations Act, and the strong vision put forward by Wales.  Topics cover zero waste, supporting agriculture, supporting local public space and regenerating the city for well-being and wildlife.

Former member of the National Assembly of Wales, Jane Davidson helped create ‘The well-being of future generations Act’.  The Act connects environmental and social health and looks into solving complex issues such as poverty, education and unemployment. Wales was one of the first industrialised countries based on coal, steel and iron and has had to move away and rediscover new opportunities by harnessing renewable energy and so much more.

What Wales is doing today the world will do tomorrow.” UN Assistant Secretary General, Nikhil Seth.

Publication Date 4th June 2020     RRP £14.99


Self-Care for Tough Times by Suzy Reading

This book shows us how to survive challenging periods of uncertainty without crumbling, from psychologist, yoga instructor and author, Suzy Reading.

In Self-Care for Tough Times, Suzy shows the reader how to be in their own safe place during periods of stress, grief, loss or change. A gentle yet powerful process is included for developing a self-care toolkit to call on during difficult periods, whether due to a specific external factor or simply feeling completely exhausted by life.

Many tips include:  how to overcome guilt, mood boosters, understanding self-care, the benefits of yoga, relaxation tips, mindset, understanding your emotions and so much more…..This book is a work in progress so will look forward to understanding ourselves not overnight, but over time.

Ebook £12.99    Audiobook £16.99   Paperback £12.99


The Devil You Know by Emma Kavanagh

Up until yesterday I knew who I was.

Up until yesterday my life wasn’t a lie.

Rosa Fisher is the smart girl, the good girl. At twenty-five and mid-way through a PhD in the psychology of fraud, she thinks she has herself all figured out. Until that night, when the house is dark and she is all alone, and she hears an intruder on the stairs.

But the intruder isn’t looking for Rosa Fisher. He’s after someone else. And everything Rosa has ever known about her world is about to be turned upside down.

Determined to find out who she really is, Rosa traces her origins back to a small Canadian town, to a fire in a barn and a devastating family tragedy. Which forces her to question – if she can lie with such ease, was she ever really the good girl after all?

By local Author Emma Kavanagh Published 28th May 2020 £7.99  – Also available in eBook and audio


Simplify – How To Stay Sane In A World Going Mad by Bob Hillary

Quite simply put this book has made me feel so much happier. In a world where we use too much technology in our everyday day lives and carry way too much baggage, this book gives guidance on how to slow down and live a simpler and happier life.

Bob Hillary’s book was inspired after leaving city life behind and spending 2 years living in a 25-foot yurt in the hills of Wales. He sourced drinking water from a nearby spring, used a solar panel to charge the laptop and lamp and used a wood-burner for heating.

What transpired was that by living a simpler life, happiness came from within.

Being a relative of Sir Edmund Hillary, Bob has always been connected with nature and had a sense of adventure, but the life changing experience of living in the Welsh mountains opened Bob’s eyes to a way in which we can enrich our own lives, improve our mental health, and look after the Earth around us.

Simplify explores Bob’s experience of living in the Welsh mountains and provides easy, practical advice that we can all incorporate into our daily lives to start living a simpler life today.

In this book, you will discover how to combat the relentless modern world with:

  • The secret of “Slow Living” – Sustainable, Local, Organic and Whole.
  • Key tips on downscaling, removing technology and living off the fruit of the land.
  • Finding and accepting yourself away from the pressures and expectations of society.
  • Not only envisioning a better future but creating one.

Simplify  – How to Stay Sane in a World Going Mad   £10.99

Plants Only Kitchen by Gaz Oakley

Cardiff-born chef Gaz Oakley, now based in London, has published a new cookbook ‘Plants Only Kitchen’.  Having recently followed one of the 70 recipes from this tasty mouth-watering book, and quite honestly not being the best of the cooks, when a family member comments, ‘This tastes like it’s been made in a restaurant and it’s full of flavour’, you know you’re on a winner! We own many cookbooks but this by far has some of the best recipes that we will use over and over again! They really are simple to follow and most importantly – the end result is worthwhile.

Plants Only Kitchen by Gaz Oakley –  available in Hardback and eBook   RRP £20

For more insight on cooking during lockdown follow Gaz at:




Wildlife cameraman Mike Potts’ book, Untangling The Knot, Belugas And Bears: My Natural World On Film

His book gives an intriguing insight into the life of a wildlife cameraman, the hundreds of hours often spent in extreme locations to capture the many sequences needed. Readers are taken on a wonderful journey to diverse places such as Alaska and the Bering Sea following the caribou migration; to Svalbard; beyond Timbuktu in search of locust swarms; kingfishers in Uganda; bowerbirds in Cape York, Australia and southwest Cuba for its beautiful bee hummingbirds and the great migrations of crabs.

Mike has worked with Sir David Attenborough while filming Attenborough in Paradise and several photos of the great man in his early days are featured. Mike’s stunning photography is a key part of this delightful new book and he also achieves his long-held dream of visiting the cabins of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton in Antarctica.




You Must Be Mad – by Michael James  

You’re taken on a journey with Michael James, from Cardiff all the way to the Himalayan Mountains.  Despite set-backs, travel cancellations and at times ill health, Michael never gave up on his desire to raise money for charity by getting involved in the Trek of Hope in the Himalayas.

Michael was the oldest person to take part at the ripe old age of 75 but that wasn’t going to stop him in his tracks. During Michael’s expedition his faith in God helped him overcome obstacles and doubts. You get an insight into the disease leprosy and how sufferers can be sadly shut away from communities.  Michael’s determination is an inspiration to us all.

Proceeds go two charities:





The Great Brain Robbery by Cardiff based author P G Bell

Cardiff-based author P.G. Bell was in the top 5 best-selling children’s debuts of 2019 in the UK with the first in his Train to Impossible Places series.

The Train to Impossible Places is no ordinary train. This is the magical delivery express for The Union of Impossible Places.

 Suzy can’t wait to return to the Union of Impossible Places on the Impossible Postal Express. But when she arrives, she overhears a dastardly plan to destroy Trollville from a shadowy and unexpected villain. Suzy and her friends must race from magical cloud-worlds to secret caverns to catch the culprit, before Trollville comes crashing down…

 The Train to Impossible Places was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, the Independent Bookshops Week Book Awards, and the CrimeFest Book Awards for Best Crime Novel for Children.  Peter created the story when his son demanded a brand new bedtime story, told over 5 evenings, that no one had ever heard before. It includes all of his favourite things – trains, bananas, and lots of trolls. 100 days after telling the story to his son, Peter finished the first draft of The Train to Impossible Places. Two weeks later he was offered representation by an agent, and the manuscript was bought by Usborne Publishing in a hotly-contested, 6 way auction.

The Thunder Girls by Melanie Blake

Melanie Blake’s bestselling novel ‘The Thunder Girls’ is the ultimate binge read for lockdown. The No.1  bestselling novel has been selected as one of Kindle’s eBooks of the month for May 2020.   The novel is filled with obsession, addiction, betrayal and revenge, that charts the rise and fall of an 80’s girl band who attempt to reunite after three decades.

It’s the 1980’s. Chrissie, Roxanne, Carly and Anita are ordinary girls with extraordinary lives. They are better known as eighties pop sensation The Thunder Girls. This girl group is dominating the pop scene, their faces on every magazine cover, millions of fans worldwide, constantly at the top of the charts. Until one of them brings the band’s dream run to an abrupt end. Three of their careers are over – and so is their friendship.

Fast forward thirty years. Their old record label lands a bombshell by asking them to reunite for a series of huge concerts. These would be the gigs of a lifetime with a pay check to match – some need it more than others – and old wounds leave deep scars. A lot has happened since The Thunder Girls were ruling the charts. Addiction, breakdowns, bankruptcy and divorce have led them far from the lives they once lived. If they are to move forward, the past needs to be laid to rest – but there is more to this reunion than meets the eye. Each Thunder Girl is hungry to revive their past success, but what they don’t know is that someone is watching their every move – and is determined to stop them succeeding – in the deadliest way possible.

These four girls have been to hell and back – and some of them are still there.    Special Edition ebook:  £3.99