Bouygues UK donates 3000 face masks to protect Cardiff’s young homeless


Bouygues UK has donated more than 3000 face masks to Welsh homelessness charity Llamau, to help its staff and those it supports protect themselves from Covid-19.

Llamau has been the chosen charity of Bouygues UK in Wales for more than three years and the building contractor has helped fundraise by taking part in sleep outs, holding events and also by donating equipment such as the facemasks.

For more than 30 years, Llamau has been working to eradicate homelessness for young people and women in south Wales. Since its inception, it has supported more than 67,000 young people, women and their children.

The donated facemasks will be handed out to Llamau’s volunteers and workers, who are on call 24/7 to help those in need, as well as the people it supports, ensuring that they have the equipment needed to protect themselves from infection.

Donna Griffith, Business Development Manager at Bouygues UK, said: “The work Llamau has had to put in during the lockdown and pandemic has been amazing. Not only has it suffered from a lack of donations due to the downturn, but it has also been called on to support more women and young people who have found themselves without a home, not only to help them physically, but also emotionally as they are even more isolated during lockdown.

“The donation of these masks is just a small way in which we can help Llamau at this time and we hope that it helps give those it works with some peace of mind that they are protected against the virus.”

Barbara Redmore, Corporate and Community Fundraiser at Llamau, said: “Bouygues UK has been a fantastic and faithful supporter of our work for several years, and we are so proud to be partnering with Bouygues UK on our mission to create a Wales without homelessness. We’re so grateful to Bouygues UK for this generous donation of masks, which will help us to ensure that the people we support and our colleagues have the equipment they need to protect themselves from Covid-19.”

For more information about Llamau, please visit: