Brains employee stumbles upon natural Ale Spring


Bill Dobson beer tasting 1


S.A. Brain & Co Ltd. has confirmed the discovery of a natural ‘ale spring’ by one of its brewery employees. The beer source was discovered last week by packaging manager Bev Ridge, 39, from Pontypridd, who was rambling in the Brecon Beacons at the time.

Mrs Ridge comments: “I’ve seen plenty of natural water springs whilst on my hikes across Wales, but never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d find a beer spring – I’ve struck gold! It’s not quite like my favourite Brains Dark, but it’s still tastes beery.”

Mrs Ridge was stunned to encounter the dark, malty liquid emerging from beneath a collection of rocks. In clear dedication to her work with Brains, she collected a sample in her water bottle to be analysed back at the Cardiff brewery, where PH and taste tests confirmed the liquid to be a naturally occurring Dark Mild ale.

Brains’ head brewer, Bill Dobson said: “In all my years of brewing I’ve never heard of a naturally occurring beer spring, this is a phenomenon that totally changes the landscape of the beer industry!”

The precise location of the spring is a closely guarded secret, much to the dismay of local ale fanatics who are expected to announce details of the first organised BBBBP (Brecon Beacons Brown Beer Pilgrimage) in search of the spring later today.  It is anticipated that literally 10s of beer drinkers will scour the area, armed with pint glasses, pork pies and PH testing kits.