Guests gathered at Techniquest to celebrate Welsh Games sector


Cardiff, 26 May 2016: The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in Wales, BAFTA Cymru, has hosted the second British Academy Cymru Games Award Nominees Party at Techniquest in Cardiff, sponsored by Games Dev and Wrexham Glyndŵr University; SEGA; Ubisoft; Spiros and the Tiny Rebel Brewery.


Nominees and guests gathered to play the nominated games and receive their nomination certificates from Angharad Mair, Chair of BAFTA Cymru.


BAFTA Cymru Games Nominees




Angharad Mair, Chair BAFTA Cymru, said, “The Games industry in Wales is expanding to become a real success story, and we’re delighted at BAFTA Cymru that tonight we are showcasing great talent and amazing new innovative work. This year we received a record number of entries, an increase of 25% on last year’s figures, which is truly remarkable. I’d also like to encourage all of those who work in this exciting industry to join BAFTA Cymru, as the more members we have, the more we can ensure that we can really support the industry. Congratulations to all those nominated here tonight, as individuals and companies, we’re very proud of all that you achieve.”


The nominees, across all commendation and Award categories were eager to gather and celebrate the work of the industry over the past year and look to the future development of the sector.
We asked those attending what the Award nomination means for them and their company.


Aled Parry / Creative Director at Cube Kids, said “We’re delighted with the nomination; a first for our new kids venture, Cube Kids.”

“We hope this will be the first of many more as we continue our pioneering games and television work in the kids market. The Games industry in Wales is in its growth stage and still requires a lot of nurturing; talent development, access to capital and other critical issues are still a challenge. The BAFTA award helps to shine a spotlight on the great work being done here in Wales and that in turn helps the entire industry to move forward and to be able to compete in the global games marketplace.”

Anton Faulconbridge, Founder & CEO – Rantmedia / Rantmedia Games said “It’s always fantastic to be recognised for creating something outstanding, and particularly being nominated by BAFTA is a tremendous boost for us. The BAFTA brand is globally recognised, and that’s incredibly useful in forging new and exciting relationship.”

“The games industry in Wales is growing rapidly, but it is still relatively young. Recognising achievements helps to both bring the community together, and provides a PR & Marketing boost to drive awareness of great work going on – to an audience both within Wales and internationally.“

David Banner, MD, Wales Interactive, said “Soul Axiom being nominated for Best Game is really flattering and great recognition for all our teams’ hard work over the last year.

The nomination is also really positive for our company profile and adds to our growing reputation in the global games industry. I’d like to congratulate all our fellow nominees and wish them good luck in the Awards Ceremony in June.”

“Being a BAFTA Cymru nominee carries a lot of kudos internationally and definitely plays a vital role in promoting the growing game industry in Wales. It really helps highlight Welsh developers and showcase successful games companies that exist in Wales today who are making quality gaming titles that sell all over the world. We ourselves are a proud Welsh games developer who have been fortunate enough to fly the flag for Wales by demo-ing Soul Axiom at some of the world’s biggest gaming events. The game has been featured by the likes of Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox at GDC San Francisco, Rezzed London and the Tokyo Games Show. This latest nomination is another positive accolade in our ambition to establish Wales on the global game industry map. “

Ben Cawthorne, Creative Producer at Thud Media, said “A nomination for the Best Game award is a fantastic achievement for us. For the team here at Thud Media it is great validation for the time, effort and creativity we have poured into the project. From our first prototype we were excited by the potential of this game and were focused on ensuring it met that potential in the end result. We are happy to be in such good company for this award, and look forward to the main event.”

“For the Welsh games industry to continue to develop as it has in recent years it is so vital to have an organisation such as BAFTA in our corner. The reputation and support BAFTA brings to the industry with the awards sharpens the focus of the local development community. As a headline event at the annual Games Development Show the awards also aid in drawing attention to the wider development scene and work that is in development and looking for an audience.”

Rhys Lewis, Founder / Director, Squarehead Studios Ltd, said “BAFTA recognition helps to legitimise the tremendous amount of effort that went into the creation of Star Ghost. As a one-man studio, building awareness in the marketplace can be a challenging prospect. Nominations such as this help to shine a much needed spotlight on the studio and its games.”


“BAFTAs prestigious support brings attention to an exciting and forward looking area of our economy. It’s wonderful to see the Welsh games industry gaining traction and blossoming onto the global stage.”

Kevin Moss, Creative Director of TELL Player said “Mr. Quin was a challenging and ambitious project. Working closely with Agatha Christie Ltd, we realised early on that our creative ambition of telling a classic murder mystery in a completely new way presented some huge technical hurdles but we were thrilled as we arrived at solutions that delivered an authentic Christie experience for the app generation. Being recognised for all the hard work and detail that went into the App is hugely rewarding.”
“Wales is full of talented creatives and to allow them a voice, platform and recognition is important. It allows companies to aspire to be better, grow and work on an international stage.”

Iain Tweedale, Head of Online & Learning, BBC Cymru Wales, said “It’s really exciting for us to be nominated for a BAFTA Cymru as it reflects the importance of gaming as a way to reach younger people in Wales. Having fun with coding around big brands like Doctor Who is also really important to the future of the digital economy here. It’s great that BAFTA are focusing on the achievements of the Games Industry in Wales which has grown massively in the past few years. Wales really is a place where the games industry is buzzing with creative talent and expertise.”

The winner of Best Game and the 4 BAFTA Cymru commendations will be announced at the Wales Games Development Show on June 18 at the Tramshed in Cardiff.


Squarehead Studios Ltd , Star Ghost





Best Game Award, Sponsored by Games Dev at Wrexham Glyndŵr University

Thud Media / Toots Enterprises Ltd for Toots Race
RANTMEDIA for TV Sports Soccer
Artistic Achievement Commendation, sponsored by Ubisoft
Thud Media / Pesky Productions Ltd for Boj Smoothies
Squarehead Studios Ltd for Star Ghost
CUBE KIDS for Teletubbies


Technical Achievement Commendation, sponsored by SEGA

BBC Cymru/BBC Digital Creativity/Aardman Animations for Doctor Who Game Maker
Tell Player Limited/Agatha christie limited for Mr Quin
Cube Kids for Teletubbies

Game Play Design Commendation

Thud Media / Pesky Productions Ltd for Boj Smoothies
Squarehead Studios Ltd for Star Ghost
Cube Kids for Teletubbies

Sound & Music Commendation, sponsored by Spiros

Thud Media / Pesky Productions Ltd for Boj Smoothies
BBC Cymru Wales, BBC Digital Creativity, Aardman Animations for Doctor Who Game Maker
Cube Kids for Teletubbies