‘But I Can’t Do Zumba!’


If you’re unfamiliar with Zumba, its name translates to mean “moving quickly and having fun”. It’s a fusion of dance and aerobics with added extras of fun, friendly banter, fitness and even a chance to help charity…

Zumba Fitness

Zumba is a great way to improve your fitness levels in a fun way. It’s great for weight management, strengthening/ toning muscles, cardiovascular health and improving co ordination. You definitely leave a class feeling warmer and like you’ve had a good work out! Fitness classes generally advise you ‘go at your own pace’ to a certain extent, to be safe, but push yourself within reasonable levels to maximise benefits too (its not meant to be easy but not dangerous either!). Speak to your class teacher if you have any ailments or concerns before the class.

Zumba Friendship

Similarly to any ‘class’ or ‘course’, joining a Zumba class can be a great boost to your social life too! It’s a chance to meet people from all walks of life and feel comfortable enough to get hot and sweaty with them straight away! Plus, doing activities in a group can be a great way to ‘motivate yourself’ (as even if some weeks you don’t feel up to squatting or bouncing around – you might fancy catching up with your class buddies or you may just have a competitive streak which spurs you on!) With increasing focus on the issues caused by isolation in adulthood – groups such as these can be a great way to protect yourself!

Zumba Fundraising

A zumbathon is (as the name implies) a marathon long session of zumba, usually to support a cause or charity. Tina Otto who runs the class in chapter arts centre in Cardiff facilitates a fabulous Zumbathon in aid of breast cancer care charities, with all funds going directly to the charity. It’s a fun-filled flurry of Zumba which guarantees to raise heartrates, temperatures and some essential funds! If you would like to know more – follow Tina Otto on facebook or contact Chapter Arts Centre on 029 2031 1050

Zumba Fun

Like all important things (!) Zumba includes an element of fun – whether its by trying to master the moves, joining in with friendly banter or just allowing the chemical endorphins exercise releases to work their magic – it’s a great mood boost! Life’s too short not to have fun! So, as the famous saying goes – its time to “dance like there’s nobody watching!’


Says who?! As Audrey Hepburn said “nothing is impossible – the very word says ‘I’m possible’….

Zumba is for everyone – regardless of gender or age or fitness ability. Tina’s class is a brilliant illustration of this as she teaches people from ages 18-88, male and female, throughout Cardiff and can offer great advice on how to do the class safely with any ailments people have!

Why not pop down to a class and see for yourself? You may be surprised how quickly you get the Zumba bug!