Customers in Cardiff can now visit Card Factory’s Festive Family Photocard Service at the St Davids Shopping Centre store on the 14th and 15th of November – giving everyone the opportunity to create their own personalised family Christmas cards.

Every year, famous families around the globe share their creative Christmas cards and the celebrity Christmas card stakes are set to the be the highest ever this festive season – with releases expected from The Cambridges, The Sussexes, The Kardashians and more.

But why should this festive tradition just be reserved for those who can afford the glitz and glamour of a personalised photoshoot?

To allow everyone to join in with the festivities, Card Factory are launching pop-up festive photoshoots in stores up and down the country, offering families the chance to have their very own celebrity inspired family Christmas Card Photoshoot. The service is coming to St Davids Shopping Centre store on the 14th to the 15th of November.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash have helped launch the new Festive Family Photocards Service. An online and in-store professional portrait service, giving everyone the opportunity to create their own personalised family Christmas cards.

Spreading Christmas spirit to launch the brand-new concept, the Solomon-Swash family has shared their own design. Their card captures the whole family in front of a Christmas tree, clad in matching Christmas knits – even down to baby Rex. Stacey and Joe are leaning in for a kiss under the mistletoe, with the kids hilariously looking less than impressed!

Stacey Solomon said of the launch:As a family, we feel it’s so important to mark Christmas with a beautiful card to our loved ones, so to have our very own family portrait to make this year’s super special has been just amazing. The Card Factory Festive Family Photocard service is so fun and convenient – I hope everyone loves our card as much as we do and pops in store or visits to make their own!”

Customers can access the Festive Family Photocard Service online at, or by simply popping into the nearest participating Card Factory store, where they will be able to choose from an array of photo backgrounds and festive props, before having their portrait taken by a professional photographer. Each family Christmas card is finished with a personalised message before the finished product is sent first class to the customer’s home, free of charge.

For those unable to make it into a participating store, the service will be also be available online with the full range of background and themes.

Cheryl Strange, Regional Manager, said: “We have seen a rise year-on-year of demand for personalised Christmas cards so we thought – why not take it one step further? We hope customers in Cardiff will love the Family Festive Photocard service as much as we do, and that it will help to make Christmas extra special this year.”

Festive Family Photocard service was created to give every Card Factory customer the opportunity to take a proper family portrait – something that can often be reserved just for the rich and famous. This year, we want every customer to #MakeItATradition.”

The Card Factory Festive Family Photocard service will be available online until December 31st 2019 and at select stores across the UK for a limited time, priced at £10 for 10 cards.

Full details of the campaign, the celebrity card and selected stores can be found at