Families looking for fun, free and creative boredom busters during isolation – be inspired and learn to paint with Cardiff-based artist Rosie Moriarty Simmonds, a member of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists – artists who paint only with their mouth and feet due to physical disability.
Get hands-on (or feet-on!) with her cute and colourful ‘Rainbow Hedgehog’ design – sure to banish any ‘prickly’ family feuds with artistic fun. Ideal for little ones, Rosie has created a handy design outline to help them get started. For this design, the more colours the better! Don’t worry if you don’t have a paint set at home, as MFPA stocks them in its online shop.

Watch the tutorial, download the outline and shop the paint set here:

The tutorial is part of a new ‘Learn To Paint’ series from the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists, an organisation that supports disabled artists, which hopes to inspire people during lockdown.
About Rosie
Rosie describes herself as a “Disabled Woman, Happy Wife, Adoring Mum, Author, Media Presenter, Actor, Artist, Successful Businesswoman and Socialite – constantly busy and totally content.”

Born without arms or legs as a result of her mother having been prescribed the drug Thalidomide during pregnancy; this has not prevented Rosie from leading a full and active life. She was the first disabled student to enrol at Cardiff University, graduating in 1985 with an honours degree in Psychology. Married Stephen, her lifetime friend in 1988. Their son was born in 1995, and in the same year she established the RMS Disability Issues Consultancy. As a Vice President of the Cardiff Business Club, she has brought disability and equality issues to the attention of many eminent members of the South Wales business and entertainment world through her business and community work.