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About us


Cardiff Geek is an independent company based in Cardiff. Specialising in speeding up slow computers, we can get your laptop or desktop back to the speed you remember when first purchased . In most cases you will keep all your files and programs you have installed on your computer, and if we have to wipe anything, a full copy of your files will be made and provided to you*.


What causes slow computers?


A computer can be slowed down by many things. Most common reason is overheating, which Cardiff Geek can solve for you at your address. Cardiff Geek will always investigate overheating before progressing onto more in-depth investigations*, which means that you will never pay for a service that was not required. Great news!


Other reasons could be:


  • A virus has infected your computer. This can be a major problem, and a security risk to your personal information.


  • Maybe you are getting loads of extra ‘windows’ open when you are looking at things on the internet. This could be caused by ‘Adware’.


  • You may have unwittingly installed ‘extras’ with the programs you have on your computer. We call this ‘Junkware’. This can itself cause your computer to slow down, as many of these extra programs will automatically run when you turn your computer on.


The causes above will be fixed by Cardiff Geek as part of a ‘System Service’. After a system service you will notice an increase in performance, loading time will be quicker, and you computer will be running much smoother. Call or E-mail us for a quote.


What is a ‘System Service’?


A ‘System Service’ is a full, in-depth clean up of your computer hard drive, system registry, and a general clean of the computer internal components.


Over the lifetime of your computer you will have installed programs, browsed the internet, and generally enjoyed your investment. Just like your car, your computer does require servicing – just like you need to change the oil in your cars engine. If you only top up the oil in your car, you notice a drop in performance… the same applies with computers. Every now and then you need to clean the computers’ components and file system. Just using the tools that windows provide are similar to just topping up the oil in your car. Cardiff Geek uses specialist techniques to ‘change your computer oil’ Not literally speaking of course!


If your computer has broken parts, Cardiff Geek will try and replace them*


Cardiff Geek will come and dismantle your computer, take it back to our office, and after finishing work we will then deliver and re-assemble your computer back at your home. You can get a discount on this service if you bring your computer to us directly. Contact us for more information.


What is a Hard drive?


There are 3 different types of hard drive. These are


  1. HDD
  • This is the most common type of Hard Drive. They are reliable, but can be slow. They are best for storing files


  1. Hybrid
  • The Hybrid Hard Drive give you increased performance whilst still having a good storage capacity. You will notice a slight speed increase, and you will still have plenty of space for your files and programs


  1. SSD
  • This is the fastest of the Hard Drives. You will really notice your loading times have improved. SSD are best used for your computers program files, and a HDD or Hybrid for your files, documents, pictures etc.



What Can Cardiff Geek do for my computer storage?


  • New for old upgrade
    • Larger capacity for more storage space
    • All your files and programs will be kept. You will be able to use your computer in exactly the same way as you have previous to the upgrade


  • Upgrade from HDD to Hybrid or SSD
    • Faster loading time
    • All your files and programs will be kept. You will be able to use your computer in exactly the same way as you have previous to the upgrade


  • Install an additional Hard Drive to give you more memory.
    • Perfect for if you have lots of music, pictures, or files
    • Instantly adds more storage space to your computer


  • Install an External Hard
    • Perfect for Laptops and Desktops
    • Best method for backing up you computer
    • Portable – Can be connected to any computer, so you can take your files with you without having to carry a heavy laptop



*Extra costs will be incurred. Estimates can be made for parts and labour, and Cardiff Geek will always inform you if any extra work is required, and will only continue with your consent.