Welsh break away from UK chart music by displaying a taste for German band Scooter to help speed their rush-hour journey home

New research by Vodafone and Spotify has revealed Cardiff workers display some eclectic tastes while rushing to and from the daily grind. While Chart favourites such as Ed Sheeran and Five Seconds of Summer feature heavily on rush hour playlists, it is German band Scooter that helps them rave their way out of the office. The band, who are considered the most successful German singles act, have had 23 top ten hits in their own country and now clearly enjoy a cult following in Wales.


With Brits spending on average 10,634 hours of their working life getting to and from the office*, Cardiff residents branch out from the music that is main-stay on the radio charts. As well as Scooter, English 60’s rock band The Pretty Things featured high on the homeward bound playlists.

Named ‘the number one mobile network for music’ in 2013 by Google, Vodafone’s 4G customers streamed more than 31.6 million hours (c. 3,600 years) of music on Spotify over the last year, with the average listening time for an active Vodafone Spotify user being 20 hours a month (40 minutes a day).

UK wide, popular artists streamed during the daily commute (both to and from work) included Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Calvin Harris and Ariana Grande.  Interestingly, All About That Bass, by Meghan Trainor, was more popular on the way home than on the way into work, receiving 35,625 streams compared to 21,959.


Cindy Rose, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK said: “With 1.8 million Britons travelling three hours or more for work in 2013*, offering Spotify to our 4G customers means that they have the chance to brighten their morning and afternoon commutes with their favourite tunes.  Regardless of the mode of transport (car, train, walking, biking or on the tram) users of our network have the option of streaming artists, songs and playlists of their own choice over our unbeatable 4G network. For us, 4G speeds are only the start – it’s what customers can do with 4G that matters and Vodafone is proud to offer the opportunity for everyone to experience high quality music streaming, on the go and at a cost that suits their budget.”

Over the past year Vodafone has signed up well over a million Pay monthly customers to its 4G service and recently extended this to Pay as you go customers too.