There was a nostalgic feel to the atmosphere in the Mike Barlow Theatre this evening as the Cardiff Players presented the opening night of their current production Yes Prime Minister. If your old enough to remember the television series, this new production will not disappoint you, with all the one-liners delivered perfectly in the right place using expert timing.


The play follows the story of the Prime Minister as she attempts to solve an economic crisis within the European Union and the United Kingdom whilst securing her job and avoiding joining the Euro and dealing with the hilarious situations that develop while entertaining Kumranistan officials.


The dialogue has the excellent balance of nostalgic comedy and updated issues such as the European union, sex trafficking and a cabinet that is tearing themselves apart, and immigration, making it relatable  and make you nod in agreement. All cast members gave convincing and entertaining performances.


Mia Rees who plays Lady Hazel Appleby, Hayden Manuell who played the Kumranistan Ambassador, and Katherine Vostok who played Jane Hacker – the Prime Minister, all gave outstanding performances securing them as the stars of the show. Yes, Prime minister, was played out over four acts the play is light-hearted throughout, and very easy and pleasant to watch.


A raffle was drawn to background classical music during the interval which was a lovely display with winners picking their own prizes from a selection of wine and chocolates giving winning a personal touch and community feel. This added to the friendly approach of the Cardiff Players and their warm welcome and farewell to guests.


Yes, Prime Minister is on at Mike Barlow Theatre, YMCA, The Walk, Cardiff.

Performances 24 May 7.30 p.m. & 25 May 6.00 p.m.

Tickets cost £10.00