Nine primary schools in Cardiff have taken huge steps towards reducing their energy, bills and carbon emissions by installing solar panels to generate their own electricity. As well as helping to save the planet, the schools have used free government finance to fund the projects and are collectively saving over £40,000 per year on their electricity bills. 

Coryton, Coed Glas, Danescourt, Greenway, Meadowlane, Thornhill, Tongwynlais, Trowbridge and Whitchurch Primary Schools have all used Cardiff company, Ineco Energy Ltd, to design and install solar panels, which will generate free, clean energy for their schools.

A further 20 Cardiff schools have benefitted from significant electricity bill reductions from energy efficient LED lighting installations, designed and installed by Ineco Energy. Not only are they saving valuable funds, they are also enjoying a brighter learning environment for the children and teaching staff. The LED lighting solutions come with a free 5-year full warranty, delivering further peace of mind and maintenance savings for the schools. Could your local school benefit from similar savings?

Delivering climate change targets for Wales 

Local renewable energy and energy efficiency specialist, Ineco Energy, is playing a pivotal role in delivering climate change targets for Cardiff and Wales through the delivery of solar and LED lighting projects. Working closely with schools and businesses, they adopt a consultative approach to understand specific environments and requirements, while customers are engaged throughout the design and development process. These Cardiff projects have saved over 290 tonnes of carbon to date, and are forecast to save 1,750 tonnes by 2030, supporting the Welsh government’s ambition for the public sector in Wales to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Projects like these also contribute to better wellbeing for Cardiff citizens. The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 is about improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales. It requires long-term strategic thinking from Welsh public bodies, particularly to take decisive action on poverty, inequality and climate change to work better with communities, people and each other. Is your business or local school doing enough to help the climate and the future generations of Wales?

Government funding for your project

Government funded and carbon reduction schemes provide multiple sources of funding and free finance for businesses and schools to invest in energy saving and renewable energy projects. Ineco Energy have become experts in securing funding for these projects. All Cardiff schools who have worked with Ineco Energy have received Welsh government finance to pay for the cost of the projects. Ineco Energy has also secured free grant money and further free financing of up to 80% of project costs for businesses* through similar finance options. This means schools and businesses can invest in their futures without spending any of their existing budget, while benefitting from financial and carbon savings from day one.

Educating children to help save our planet

Sally Phillips, Headteacher of Coryton and Tongwynlais Primary Schools, has seen savings in excess of £5,000 this year, smashing the forecasted levels, “We’re delighted with the outstanding environmental and financial benefits we’ve experienced to date. We are using the solar panels to visually demonstrate to our children the steps we are taking to becoming a carbon-neutral school. Laying the foundations for children to look after the world around us is critical and we are using this working example of renewable technology in our shared learning about climate change and sustainability.”

Coed Glas Primary in Llanishen was one of the first in Cardiff to install solar panels and has benefitted from significant savings. Headteacher Kevin Hart is taking further action to reduce outgoings while creating a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly school. As well as the solar installation, the 582-pupil school has a new efficient heating system, seven recycling bins (in the lunch halls for the children to separate their waste), and it’s considering a water harvesting system to utilise rainwater and minimise wastage.

Businesses benefit too

Ineco Energy has helped local businesses to save thousands on their energy bills each year, while reducing their emissions and helping to fight climate change.

Glassworld (Cardiff) manufacture and supply high quality sealed glass units to Cardiff industry for over 30 years. In 2019 Glassworld worked with Ineco Energy to take advantage of free grant money and further free finance to upgrade all lighting throughout their site to LED, saving more than £1,000 per month. Having reduced their energy consumption, Glassworld then decided to generate their own electricity through the installation of solar PV on their roof. Using interest-free financing, the solar was installed in July 2020 and will generate almost 50% of their required electricity and save an annual £34,000 and 80 tonnes of carbon

Becoming a more sustainable business can have a positive effect on your ability to integrate with a supply chain too, with larger corporations favouring suppliers with favourable approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Embracing renewable energy should be a discussion point in every board room. Is it on your agenda?

Could your school or business save thousands and help to fight climate change? 

Ineco Energy is offering a free site survey to schools* and businesses* via the Cardiff Times, to assess the likely savings you could make, as well as advising on what grants and free government finance is available to you.

Take advantage of a FREE SITE SURVEY today by contacting Ineco Energy on 029 2002 1777 or [email protected] and quoting ‘Cardiff Times’. For more information on benefitting from renewable energy technologies at your school or business, please visit

*for eligible organisations