Celebrate India’s ‘Festival Of Lights’ from the comfort of your home 


Spanning over several days Diwali, the ‘Festival of Lights’, is among the most celebrated dates In the Hindu calendar. But, like many other religious events, the Hindu festival has been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Fortunately, our lockdown saviour the live-stream is here to help once more. From a Bollywood dance workshop and deep yoga to a virtual firework display, Uswitch has rounded up the best virtual Diwali events and activities you can stream from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Leicester is recognised for its vibrant Diwali celebrations, which are considered the best in the UK, and some of the greatest outside of India. Every other year, crowds gather on Belgrave Road for a magnificent firework display and traditional Hindu entertainment. But this year, the city council is inviting people to take part in a shared Diwali Day celebration from the safety of their homes.

Hosted by BBC Radio Leicester’s Kamlesh Purohit the celebration features an our hour-long programme that combines the important religious elements of the festival with an exciting package of entertainment, including classical Indian dance and sitar music.

An hour-long program will be streamed on Saturday 14th of November featuring music, storytelling, dancing and footage from previous years’ firework displays.

‘Happy Diwali’ from all the team at Cardiff Times

Event date: 14th November 2020

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