Celebrity chef, Ben Bartlett, visited Hawthorn Primary School in Cardiff as part of Seafish’s latest campaign, Fish 2 a week, to urge the UK to fall in love with seafood.  Ben is embarking on a six week road trip where he will visit six schools across the country to highlight the fun and creative ways children can enjoy eating more seafood, whilst educating them on the many health benefits.

The NHS and health professionals recommend that we eat two portions of fish each week, one of which being an oily fish, to ensure we keep our bodies in good working order, boost brain function and maintain a healthy heart. A survey carried out by Seafish, the authority on seafood, showed that 58% of adults in Wales are not eating the recommended amount of seafood each week despite 76% being worried about their health as levels of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other diseases are increasing.

Ben is one of the UK’s foremost demonstration chefs and was the first winner of the coveted title of Britain’s Best BBQ’er. Ben demonstrates at schools and fish festivals all over the UK and was a judge at this year’s National Fish & Chip Awards.  Seafish and Ben have come together to create a series of exciting recipes that children across the UK can enjoy including Smoked Mackerel Cones and the Ultimate Fish Finger Sandwich.

Ben said: “It’s extremely important that we educate children in the benefits of eating more fish at an early age. Seafood is great for brain development and maintaining a healthy heart.  Seafish’s Fish 2 a week campaign will hopefully encourage children to try alternative, tasty species and make new recipes with old favourites. Two a week can be kept simple; whether it’s tuna melts or fishcakes, there are loads of delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy!”


Seafish’s website is packed with recipe inspiration to get us eating more fish more often.  Visit: www.2aweek.co.uk