Channel 4’s new Superfoods show explores Xylitol: Finland’s secret to healthier teeth. And it’s already available right here in the UK.


On Monday evening (29th June), Channel 4’s new series, Superfoods, kicks off with a look at the Finnish wonder ingredient xylitol.

Presenter Kate Quilton travels to Finland where gum and mints made of xylitol are a staple part of the Finnish diet and even 90% of kindergartens give xylitol sweets to kids on a daily basis. She explores the science behind how xylitol works to reduce plaque and keep teeth healthy.

Yet despite its proven benefits and widespread popularity in countries including Finland, Japan and the USA, a recent Gorkana Survey poll on behalf of Peppersmith revealed that two-thirds of UK consumers had never even heard of xylitol.

The programme will therefore be an eye-opener for viewers and leave them wondering how they can get their hands on xylitol confectionery. The good news is that Peppersmith already sells award-winning xylitol gum and mints right here in the UK.

Accredited by the British Dental Health Foundation, their products can be found in Boots, Holland & Barrett, and (priced at around £1.50).

Co-Founder Dan Shrimpton said; “In Finland they’ve been eating xylitol gum and mints for decades to keep their teeth healthy. In the UK, we’re miles behind with people still scoffing Polos and not thinking about the damage done by all that sugar. We really hope this programme helps wake people up to the fact that there’s an alternative to sugar that actually improves the health of their teeth”.