Children in care Statistics


Each UK nation collects and publishes statistics about looked after children (the official term for children in care). This includes information about where children in care live and why they are in care.



Wales: 5,675
Welsh Government (2015) Children in need at 31 March by looked after status, category of need and disability, including unborn children.


Wales: 3,695 out of 5,675 children were taken into care because of abuse or neglect.
Welsh Government (2015)


Explanation: Jutte, S. et al (2014) How safe are our children? 2014. NSPCC.

The number (and rate) of children becoming looked after has been increasing in England since 2007/8 and since 2009/10 in Wales.

Figures from CAFCASS show that care applications in England rose steadily between 2008/09 and 2012/13. The rise has taken place since the death of Peter Connolly in 2007. The latest figures (2013/14) show a slight fall on the 2012/13 figures.