London, 01 August 2016 – New research today reveals that whilst on holiday, Brits spend a staggering one hour and 19 minutes a day editing and filtering their holiday snaps, yet half of Brits (46 per cent) end up with less than 10 per cent of their shots that are truly good enough quality to print.

The poll of 2000 British adults, commissioned by Bonusprint, found that the average British holidaymaker now takes 24 snaps a day whilst on holiday, publishes five to social media per day but only one in four of these snaps (25 per cent) are good enough to print out.

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With the popularity of Instagram and other photo sharing platforms booming, Brits have become expert at nailing the perfect pout, selecting the most flattering filter or the best angle for their bikini bod. Indeed, the most popular holiday snap is the selfie with 10 taken a day on average surpassing scenic shots of the holiday destination (seven taken per day on average). Each selfie selected for social media upload is one in five shots taken with the strategic chin lift (27 per cent), tummy suck (25 per cent) and clever camera angle (16 per cent) revealed as the nation’s top golden rules to looking photogenic.


1 Lifting chin up 27 per cent
2 Sucking tummy in 25 per cent
3 Clever camera angle 16 per cent
4 Tilting face to best side 16 per cent
5 Standing side profile 14 per cent
6 Putting arms on hips 8 per cent
7 Doing my photo face 6 per cent
8 Strategically placed towel 6 per cent
9 Crossing legs whilst standing 5 per cent
10 My signature filter 5 per cent

According to the findings, half of British holidaymakers (47 per cent) rely entirely on their smartphones to capture their holiday snaps. Despite being dextrous on their favourite social sites, 28 per cent admit that they do not understand a lot of the camera settings on their smart phone cameras.It seems selfies have become such an art form that Brits admit to spending 16 minutes a day perfecting their pose and a total of 1 hour and 19 minutes a day whilst on holiday editing and filtering their holiday snaps. Brits spend a further 27 minutes a day on holiday filtering and editing their images using Instagram and other social channels, with Moon and Valencia voted the nation’s most flattering filters.

Many are totally unaware (29 per cent) that the rear camera of their smartphone often leads to much higher resolution shots than the front camera – often used for selfies. A further 35 per cent delete the original files after editing and filtering them, meaning they lose the most high quality version of their picture. It’s little wonder then that on average, just a quarter (25 per cent) of the nation’s holiday photographs are good enough to print with one in ten (10 per cent) blaming poor quality issues on using filters, a further 11 per cent having lighting issues or not using the right settings and 23 per cent citing lack of time for not getting their snaps printed.


Over half (63 per cent) wish they printed more photographs of special moments, as opposed to snapping hundreds of selfies which sit on social feeds never to be seen again. A further 68 per cent say there is an enduring appeal to the printed photograph that digital images can never replace. Half of Brits (54 per cent) admit they get more pleasure from looking at printed photographs, with holiday snaps bringing back that holiday feeling for 65 per cent.

A third of the nation (38 per cent) also regret not saving high enough quality photos of their special moments on phones or laptops so they can print them in the future.

Keith Hanson, UK general manager of Bonusprint comment: “As a society, our love of taking photographs has never been stronger, particularly when we go on holiday! But so many of us are clearly either over-editing our pictures or do not know how to get the best out of our camera phones to capture those really special images that are worthy of printing.

“It’s clear there will always be a desire to print special photographs to capture life moments, especially following a once in a lifetime holiday. We are encouraging people to capture pictures they would be truly proud to print by offering helpful tips on how to get the most out of their smart phones. Printing photographs is a really fun way to relive those holiday moments, as well as giving you something you can treasure forever.”

Tips to capture ‘print worthy’ photographs from your smartphone:

1. Save the originals – safeguard printable images by saving the originals before you filte

2. Get Close – You’ll have more control of lighting and positioning

3. Crop, Don’t Zoom – your photos will have better quality if you crop the

4. Ditch the flash – smartphone flashes are often overly bright so do what you can without it

5. HDR is your friend – When you enable HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode, your phone will take three photographs at the same time to filter out the overly light and dark elements, and layer the best parts of each shot to create one photo all in a few seconds!

Bonusprint has created a Summer Photo Guide to help Brits capture photographs they would be #proudtoprint [Bonusprint insert link to guide].

Bonusprint has improved its Prints line of products, making it quick, easy and fun to print photographs in sizes compatible with Instagram, polaroid-style prints and large premium prints – worthy of a special place on the wall.

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