Color Festival Cardiff


On Saturday, Splott Market was transformed into a festival haven and invaded by keen party goers ready to get colourful.

A couple of months ago rumours began that Cardiff was going to play host to this retro warehouse rave, and since then the excitement has been steadily building. On the 14th June the festival focused on the celebration of happiness through exploding colours and pumping music arrived in Cardiff for the first time. Ravers turned out in the masses for a day to remember.

My white clothing did not last, within approximately 60 seconds of walking into the venue I was showered in a variety of colours. The colourful explosion continued through out the day and created some unique tops that me and my friends hope will not be affected from a spin in the wash.


The hall was filled with a drinks and food stalls meaning visitors could remain for the entire 8 hours. Everything you needed to survive was on offer; food, drink and a large space to dance. The main focus was the music and colour powder, and so the décor was kept simplistic with a large open space.

Now on to the main attraction; the music! Golden Boy was one of the first artists to take to the stage, the moment he played one of his more famous remixes Whitney Houston’s ‘Love Will Save the Day’ the crowds went crazy. My personal favourite ‘That Thing’ was also played. Golden Boy is incredible!!

Later on in the day American DJ and producer Second City took to the stage, and performed the hit that rightfully earned him his first ever UK number one single; ‘I wanna feel’. With the help of his MC he managed to get the festival revellers loose and partying hard. He told the crowds to get low before jumping up and shooting the contents of their colour bags into the air as the beat dropped in his infamous hit. It  felt intimate and at that precise moment it was as if everyone in the enormous room was in it together.

Finally, Annie Mac concluded the night with a set list that demonstrated her extreme musical talent. A perfect way to end the Color Festival shenanigans.


photo 3

photo 2

Everyone is now eagerly awaiting the return of the Color Festival for another day of pumping music and looking unashamedly colourful. What a perfect end to second year!

Thank you Color Festival,

Josie Copson