Create your own outdoor oasis and enjoy staying home this summer


Create your own outdoor oasis and enjoy staying home this summer

Britain is a nation that loves the outdoors, whatever the weather. This year we’re staying at home more than ever, but we can still enjoy fresh air and wildlife in our own gardens and outdoor spaces.

As lovers of the open air and experts in helping to create beautiful outdoor spaces, Hayter, makers of the finest British mowers, has shared some top tips on how to create a garden oasis for you and your family this summer.

Plant the rainbow

A beautiful garden means many things, to many people, but for children creating colourful splashes and watching flowers bloom before their very eyes really inspires focus and engagement in gardening. This summer why not get planting some easy to care for flowers in pots or into the ground with your youngsters and document their growth.

When it comes to choosing what to plant, of course, there is the family classic of the sunflower. Measure its progress with a sunflower kit, which can be purchased at online garden centres and will include the seeds, how to secure the best chance of growth and  ways to check who has fostered the best sunflower in the family.

Other easy to grow and care for flowers which are perfect for planting with youngsters include the California Poppy, which is bright in colour but hardy and happy in dry soil for those who may forget to water the garden once in a while, and Marigolds, which grow fast and tall, with quick results that are great for impatient youngsters.

Get wild with wildlife

Where there are flowers there will be bees and other wildlife. Consider protecting our small, furry friends and make your garden bee-friendly by allowing wildflowers, such as daisies and dandelions to grow, which will provide an easy source of nectar for the bees throughout the summer. Or, consider making a bee hotel – try this one by the RHS. It’s simple to do and will help the bees, which do an essential job for our eco-system.

Certain flowers or bushes will also encourage butterflies. Consider planting a Buddleja or Verbena, both plants loved by butterflies, and then document, take pictures or draw your visitors with the family on a warm afternoon.

Birds are another great way to create interest and intrigue with your children in wildlife that is right in their own backyard. Why not visit the RSPB to find out a quick and easy way to make your very own bird bath, giving birds a safe and reliable way to find fresh water in all weather. Once complete simply sit back and enjoy the birds taking a dip before your eyes.

Don’t forget about the small creatures in your garden though. By making small den areas with soil, leaves and dark spaces you can ensure little insects have a lovely home to shelter in.

Tidy up

Of course, if you’re planning on being in the garden more frequently, it’s also important to keep it looking its best and to keep it healthy as well.

If you have lots of hedges and trees, summer is the perfect time to give them a prune as this is when they are at their strongest and healthiest. Avoid pruning on days with high heat and strong sun, as the exposed foliage can be scorched and damaged. You should also avoid pruning deciduous trees and bushes in summer as these use a lot of energy to develop their leaves in spring. Cutting them off in summer will mean the plant won’t be able to re-purpose the nutrients come autumn, so hold off until the colder months to help your leafy trees and bushes conserve their energy to grow healthier and stronger.

Create art with nature

Once you’ve finished clearing up the garden and picking up the leaves, why not get creative with the kids. Build your own garden art attacks or create works of art with the leaves and flowers from the garden. Stick them to paper to have in the home or simply leave in the garden.

Feed your lawn

One of the key ingredients for a lush green lawn is a seasonal lawn feed. Simple and effective – lawn feed will inject much needed nutrients back into your lawn and make it grow stronger and greener. A simple fertiliser can also reduce the likelihood of weeds taking.

Also, keep your lawn mown and if you and the kids enjoy a stripy garden, consider the Hayter Harrier®, its rear roller ensures you have a perfectly striped lawn every time. It is easy to use and has the wash port system, making it easy to keep clean and maintain. This makes the Harrier® the perfect addition to your garden this summer to ensure you can enjoy your own private oasis while staying at home.

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