Crimestoppers campaigns to cut the chance of knife crime


The independent charity Crimestoppers is running a new campaign in South Wales to help deter people from carrying knives on the streets.

The rise of knife crime is a national issue and reports of individuals carrying knives in public increases fear and worry in communities.

In the year 2016/2017, there were an estimated 910 recorded incidents involving a knife and sharp instrument in Wales, with 477 of those coming in South Wales. That equates to a 17% increase on the previous year.


Crimestoppers are responding to concerns by campaigning to ‘Cut the chance of being hurt by knife crime’ to help deter individuals from carrying knives and also to take information about those who choose to regularly carry weapons.

The new campaign, focusing on Cardiff, aims to build trust in communities within the city that as an independent charity, Crimestoppers is a safe method of reporting information on crime. The campaign encourages those who know someone regularly carrying a knife to tell the charity 100% anonymously – either online or by calling 0800 555 111.

In addition to bus adverts running throughout the city, Crimestoppers is reaching out to young people and promoting its Fearless.Org youth service to encourage teenagers to speak up and report any concerns about knife crime.


Ella Rabaiotti, Regional Manager for Crimestoppers in Wales, said: “Some young people may feel that if other young people are carrying knives, they should be doing the same and carrying a knife for protection. However more knives on the streets only leads to one outcome – more people getting hurt.

“Fortunately, according to the Home Office, 99% of young people in England and Wales choose to live knife free, and we’re asking for people to speak up safely about the small minority who carry knives and weapons illegally. By choosing to call us or contact us online, you will remain 100% anonymous – always.”

More information about the campaign, including guidance and support around knife crime can be found at Crimestoppers website