Desperate to do something about your shape, posture and muscle tone?

Want to take control of your ever expanding waistline?

There’s something you can do today! Cardiff’s only Powertone Shapemaster Centre is here to help you lose weight and improve mobility! It’s time to take some positive action – join now!

Hear what our mcurvicure3embers have got to say:

“Just over a year ago I made one of the best decisions of my life regarding my health and appearance, I took positive action to improve both these important aspects of my life!

For quite some years my general health and well being had been getting gradually worse. I suffered from chronic constant pain from my knee joints due to arthritis and this condition was exacerbated by being overweight and unfit. 

Following a recommendation from my Osteopath, I made an appointment with Curv-I-Cure and took a free Trial on the Toning table.  Pain had gradually made it harder and harder to exercise and the consequence of this inactivity caused me to gain a lot of weight accumulating over a number of years. 

I went along for my free trial session and was amazed by the whole experience, going on to join as a limited member. It inspired me to start on a diet and one year later I’ve reached my target and am at a healthy BMI”

“My mobility has improved 100% and my pain has eased considerably”

“I would encourage all ladies of any age to go ahead and book”

“You have nothing to lose and everything to gain”

Ring and book today for a FREE TRIAL!


18 The Globe Centre, Upstairs on the Balcony—Wellfield Road,

OPEN Mon—Fri 9am—6pm * Can stay open until 9pm by appointment only*

Saturday 9am—2pm

  Sunday 9am—2pm *by appointment only*