“Cycle on the Senedd” to demand doubling of investment in walking and cycling


At 1.00pm on Tuesday people from across Wales will “cycle on the Senedd” to lobby Welsh Government for an increase in investment in walking and cycling to £20 per head, as recommended in a recent report by the Assembly’s Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee.  Welsh Government is currently spending just £10 per head, half of the level in Scotland.

They will hear from representatives of each of the major parties as well as speakers from health and environmental organisations.

The lobby has the support of the British Heart Foundation, British Lung Foundation, Friends of the Earth Cymru, Oxfam Cymru, Sustrans Cymru, Welsh Cycling and WWF Cymru, as well as cycling organisations from across Wales.

A spokesperson for Cardiff Cycle City, who have coordinated the event, said: “We are delighted to have the support of such a wide range of organisations; it demonstrates how this issue goes way beyond cycling.  Active travel can help tackle some of Wales’ greatest challenges such as climate change, air quality and obesity.  We are looking forward to having lots of people on bikes outside the Senedd on Tuesday and we hope to convince Welsh Government that if they are serious about the Active Travel Act, they really need to finance it properly.  There is evidence that every £1 invested in walking and cycling produces £14 in benefits,  Not investing in active travel is just storing up problems for the future.”