Cyclists to put Cardiff Politicians under the Spotlight


Cycling in Cardiff is at a critical moment with a new cycling strategy being proposed for the city and the plans for the Active Travel Act walking and cycling networks out for consultation.  What happens with these plans and strategies will depend on who is elected to the city council in May.

To find out which party will offer the best deal for the thousands of cyclists in Cardiff, Cardiff Cycle City, the organisation aiming to make Cardiff the best cycling city in the UK, is putting local politicians under the spotlight in a special cycling hustings.  All major parties standing in the city elections on 4th May have been invited to send a representative to an event where they will be asked to spell out how they will improve facilities for cycling in Cardiff.

The event is to be held at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 4 April 2017 in the Japan Room of the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay.  Entry is free but spaces are limited.  Tickets can be booked here:


Dave Hann, spokesperson for Cardiff Cycle City said: “More and more people are using the bike as their main way of getting around Cardiff and with the city expanding fast getting more people out of their cars and onto bikes is the only way we can avoid massive congestion and dangerously poor air quality.  This means that for many people cycling will be a key factor in how people cast their vote in May’s election. Our event will give voters an opportunity to decide which party can best deliver better cycling in our capital city.”

The organisation held a similar event prior to last year’s Assembly elections with over fifty people attending to quiz the politicians.