#CymruTravelChallenge set to boost employee well-being by transforming the Welsh commute and everyday journeys


Leading sustainable transport charity, Sustrans Cymru launches second online travel challenge to get workplaces encouraging their employees to walk, cycle or use public transport for their daily commute.  The ‘Cymru Travel Challenge’ runs from 10th to 31st October with 77 workplaces and 877 individuals signed up so far to leave their cars at home and choose greener modes of transport.  Each year physical inactivity costs the NHS in Wales £51 million and this challenge is aimed to address this, demonstrating how people can incorporate physical activity into their daily routines and get them from A to B, helping to save time and money.  Individuals, departments and entire workplaces are invited to take part in the challenge which provides an ideal way to get staff working together towards a healthier lifestyle.


Several prizes can be won including: £100 to donate to the winner’s charity of choice, vouchers for Wiggle, Cotswold’s Outdoor vouchers, cinema tickets and more.  In addition to the prizes, taking part in the challenge has numerous benefits for both employers and employees.  Leaving the car at home means that employees can save money on petrol, experience improved health and well-being and do their bit for the environment.  The interactive website calculates money and C02 savings, calories burnt and miles clocked so that individuals can monitor their progress as they go along.  It’s not too late to sign up, those who want to be a part of the challenge can register here: https://travelchallenge.getmeactive-cymru.org.uk/users/register

Jane Lorimer, National Director at Sustrans Cymru said:

‘‘I am thrilled we are running the challenge again building on the success earlier this year and allowing even more workplaces and employees to take part.  It’s important for workplaces to be encouraged to take an active role in getting their staff to use healthier modes of transport.  We know that building physical activity into our everyday activities improves our health and well-being which is a crucial contributor to a successful workforce.  Staff will have fun taking part in the challenge whilst doing their bit for the environment and their well-being.  Several organisations have already shown great enthusiasm and we hope that more organisations continue to follow suit.’

Minister for Social Services and Public Health Rebecca Evans said: ‘‘Making physical activity part of our commutes is a great way to build exercise into our daily routine, with real health benefits.  I want to encourage everyone to get involved in the Cymru Travel Challenge.’’

Fiona Jehu, Sustainability Co-ordinator at Dŵr Cymru, who took part in the previous workplace challenge said:

‘‘The Challenge focused our thinking, helped us promote the initiative and provided assistance to record our improved sustainable travel habits.’’

Registration for October’s challenge is now open, for more information and to register visit: https://travelchallenge.getmeactive-cymru.org.uk/