• 87% admit decorating their home has caused arguments
  • Financial implications of decorating are the biggest cause of disagreements

REFURBISHING or decorating the home can be a stressful task, and new research has found that doing so causes arguments among many families.

 A study of 1,000 UK adults by interiors etailer, revealed that 87% of people have had disagreements with family members over decorating their home.

 The research quizzed Brits on the family feuds that take place and found that the financial implications of re-decoration cause the most arguments – as 69% of respondents claim this has done so in their house in the past.

 Of those surveyed, 1 in 3 said it was how much to spend that causes fights, while 1 in 10 said it was who pays for what that leads to rows.

 Differences in taste or style are the second biggest cause of quarrels between families, as more than half (54%) of those surveyed said they have fallen out while making decisions on colour schemes, wood finishes, textures or fabrics.

 Surprisingly, it is women who favour DIY over bringing in professional help when decorating the home – 67% say they prefer this, compared with only 44% of men.

 And, this is the third most common subject that causes squabbles, with 1 in 3 (32%) disagreeing with other family members when deciding whether to bring in professional decorating services.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at comments: “The research has uncovered some interesting findings surrounding the differences in opinion when re-decorating the home, such as the costs incurred or which colour scheme to go for.

 “A family can be made up of many different personalities, so naturally people are going to have different tastes, but it’s important to have a bit of everybody in the home you live in.”

 Kelly adds, “Those who are looking to re-decorate their home should take time when making decisions, perhaps creating a mood board of ideas that all of the family has fed in to.”

 The top five causes of disagreements when decorating the home are:

  1.  Financial implications (e.g. the cost of the re-decorating, who pays for what etc.) – 69%
  2. Differences in tastes and style (e.g. colour schemes, wood finishes, textures etc.) – 54%
  3. DIY vs getting professional decorating services in – 48%
  4. What goes where (e.g. personal possessions, trinkets and family photos) – 37%
  5. Uses of rooms (e.g. spare room or study, man-cave or cinema room) – 25%

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