Hope Rescue in Llanharan, welcomed English Bulldogs Mum and pup Deedee aged five and 12-week-old Dill after their owner took them on from a breeder and soon realised, they couldn’t meet their health needs. On arrival it was clear that both dogs had extensive health problems that needed investigating.


Mum Deedee had an eye condition called entropion which requires surgery, and her other eye needs removing due to irreversible damage. She also has extreme brachycephalic features including pronounced facial folds which will need regular cleaning and a very undershot jaw. It is clear she has been bred from multiple times.


Little Dill is very wonky on his feet and x-rays have shown serious issues with his legs and hips which need referral to a specialist orthopaedic vet to consider surgical options. Sadly, Dill also has breathing problems, a breed related condition common with flat-faced breeds and one he will also likely need future surgery for.


Vanessa Waddon Founder and Transformational Manager at Hope Rescue said ‘Poor Deedee and Dill are classic examples of low welfare breeding, and prioritising #WealthNotHealth. Even our most experienced staff have been shocked and upset to see a puppy this young struggle to breathe and function properly. The total cost of treatment for Deedee and Dill is unknown, but it anticipated it will be £1,000s, at a time our resources are already stretched as we deal with the impact of the huge surge in dogs purchased during the pandemic.”


Deedee and Dills arrival comes as Norway banned the breeding of English bulldogs this week, ruling that it breaches the country’s animal welfare laws due to the host of medical issues the breeds face.


On the landmark ruling, Vanessa Waddon said ‘I think it’s genuinely sad that it’s come to this, but the breed problems have just gone too far. There simply aren’t enough ethical and responsible breeders out there trying to improve the breed and prioritising health. The public should also take some responsibility for not demanding higher standards when purchasing puppies. Low welfare breeders are simply meeting the demand for these inherently unhealthy breeds.”


If you are able to help Deedee and Dill, then you can make a regular or one-off donation on Hope Rescue’s website

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