Dirty Martini Cardiff Review


Bespoke cocktail bar Dirty Martini invited us down to try their new vegan cocktail range and we were thoroughly impressed. The vegan trend has quadrupled in the last five years, so it’s really refreshing to see the hospitality industry incorporating this into their offerings. Dirty Martini Cardiff will be celebrating their third birthday this year and has been an incredible addition to Cardiff’s social sector. Their slogan “spirited sophistication” really seems quite fitting with their fine cocktails and lavish surroundings. I took my good friend Jay Page who is vegan, as I wanted to get a true vegans opinion…….. he loved them!

“We craft cocktails for every mood”  – Dan Marsland (General manager)

We first opted for “THE PINK GARDEN” which was gin based and had illusive notes of beetroot and basil paired with pomegranate, raspberries and citrus. It was fragrant and light whilst having a subtle kick to it.

Then we were presented with the “24 CARROT GOLD” cocktail which was really alluring. This Havana rum based cocktail had exquisite notes of ginger, mango and pineapple. This cocktail also includes green Chartreuse, which is a naturally green liquor made from 130 herbs and other plants and pairs incredibly well with the fruity ingredients.

The next offering was the vegan take on the classic Tom Collins, that was called the “LEMON AND GINGER COLLINS”. It was gin based and we found it to be incredibly invigorating. The strong citrus taste along with the elderflower and fresh ginger really revitalised me.

Our fourth cocktail was “THE GREEN MILE” which was vodka based and a real exotic delight! It had subtle notes of eucalyptus and coconut, along with an explosion of green matcha (green tea). These extrinsic ingredients were complemented beautifully by the almond milk.



Their final offering was the vodka based “SMOOTH OPERATOR”,  which would be any vegan chocoholics dream. It includes vegan cream and vegan chocolate with the addition of Kahlúa liqueur making it very similar to a White Russian but with a vegan twist. I did not have this myself but was told by other patrons that it had a heavenly smooth and creamy texture and was superb. It would be a perfect after dinner cocktail or an indulgent treat.


I found Dirty Martini to be tastefully decorated and extremely comfortable. Their private booths are a perfect way to get together with friends or family for those special occasions or midweek/weekend treat. The bar is fabulously spacious and has a true opulent feel to it. The attentive staff and fantastic management team are extremely knowledgeable and courteous. I would have no hesitation in recommending this striking cocktail bar to anyone that is looking for a superb quality cocktail. Whether it be from their inspiring vegan cocktail range or more traditional servings, you really won’t be disappointed.



Reviewed by Brett Salway


Website:  dirtymartini.uk.com/bars/cardiff/

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Twitter:  @dirtymartinicdf